ATV Trails Guide Moab, Utah  by Charles A. Wells

ATV Trails Guide: Moab, Utah Guide Book

by Charles A. Wells (FunTreks)
ATV Trails Guide Moab, Utah  by Charles A. Wells
This new full-color guide has been designed specifically for ATVs, but trails are also great for dirt bikes. Precise directions, pinpoint maps and stunning color photos guide you through Moab, Utah’s legendary backcountry. Thirty “cruiser-to-bruiser” routes provide thrilling rides for all skill levels. Learn where to unload and places to camp. Stay on course with handy GPS waypoints. New easy-to-use ATV format. Load up now for a rockin' good time.

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Trails from the "ATV Trails Guide: Moab, Utah" Guide Book
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A fun place to ride with many undulations and narrow, twisting turns. Explore several interesting side canyons. Tremendous view from the bottom of Gemini Bridges. Important: Park at turnaround area (Waypoint 05) and hike short distance to arches. An easy mix of narrow, rocky wash bottoms and sandy hills. As you approach the ends of side canyons, the routes become more difficult. The first side canyon described splits and ends on narrow shelf roads where it is very difficult to turn around.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 9.2
This trail is part of Cameo Cliffs OHV Area—a fun, scenic area with many trails perfect for ATVs. Route features best difficult terrain, including a steep slickrock climb called El Diablo. Extremely steep climbs and descents over slickrock and rocky ledges. For advanced riders only.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 14.7
This trail is part of Cameo Cliffs OHV Area—a fun, scenic area with many trails perfect for ATVs. Trail passes interesting Indian Bathtub and ends at dramatic overlook of Wilson Arch. Great views of La Sal and Abajo Mountains. Challenges include one steep section of slickrock, one narrow path along cliff edge and several steep rocky ledges. Not rated difficult, but novice riders will find it challenging. From staging area, trail winds east across sandy flat area then climbs intermittent slickrock. White painted dashes help guide you. A long straightaway passes below tall cliffs before turning northwest away from difficult terrain. You’ll then turn north and climb a steep slickrock hill (not as difficult as it first appears), then head northeast along a scenic ridge. The trail narrows along cliff edge before reaching a better road. (Make sure you take side trip left at Waypoint 06 to see Indian Bathtub.) After leaving good road, trail becomes very rocky with several side trips to lesser overlooks.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 14.4
A remote adventure to two dizzying high points above the Colorado River. See Thelma & Louise Point across river. Explore network of interconnecting, wind-carved caves at Catacomb Rock. A few steep sections and small ledges but still rated easy. Not maintained and susceptible to washouts and rock slides. The ledge across Chicken Corners, although quite wide, skirts along cliff edge and may be intimidating to anyone who fears heights. Kane Creek can swell to dangerously deep levels after a heavy rain storm.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 18.6
Although not difficult, trail is remote and desolate, providing a true backcountry experience. You may not see another person all day, so be prepared if anything goes wrong. Don’t go alone. You’ll be disappointed if you take the ride just to see Crystal Geyser. Frankly, it’s not much to look at. Don’t depend on signs. The trail is relatively easy if you stay on the main route described here, but side roads are more difficult. It’s easy to get lost if you take a wrong turn. Parts of trail can be impassable when wet.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 33.5
Great riding area includes a fun hike through Dellenbaugh Tunnel with dramatic views of Spring Canyon and Tombstone Rock after you go through the tunnel. Note dangerous cliffs along edge of Spring Canyon. People of all ages enjoy visiting Secret Spire. Search for water-carved red rock trench on way to Dellenbaugh Tunnel. Slickrock sections are steep in places but not difficult. If you explore other roads south of Spring Canyon, you’ll encounter a few difficult spots (see map).
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 11
This route serves as an introduction to a broad, scenic area with many fun roads and dramatic rock formations, including Monitor and Merrimac Buttes and Determination Towers. An exciting side trip to Tusher Tunnel includes twisting sand trails and undulating terrain. Stay on existing roads at all times. No cross-country travel allowed. Moderate rock ledges, soft sand and steep climbs. A complex network of roads can be confusing.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 15
This is a relaxing scenic cruiser to a beautiful overlook. Add interest and challenge with side trips. The primary route described here follows a wide, easy road over gravel and embedded rock. The first part of the trip winds through beautiful canyon along enormous sandstone bluffs. After descending into Cottonwood Canyon, you’ll cross a small creek and begin a gradual climb to a high, remote overlook above the Dolores River. At Waypoint 04, you can take an optional shortcut through the trees over a moderately rocky trail. Later, at Waypoint 06, a very interesting side trip goes left. This narrow trail twists along the edge of a steep-wall canyon with great views. There are no major obstacles, but novice riders may be intimidated by cliff edges.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 36
Great riding area with many legal side roads to explore. Very scenic with terrific arches and one outstanding overlook of Colorado River. Explore giant wind caves at Caves Spring (on foot) and an old mining camp with two well-preserved cabins. Rocky and steep in places. Novice riders may find some steep ledges challenging. Much of route is easy. Parts of main route can be impassable when wet. Some very difficult side roads.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 32
A giant sandstone roller coaster with perfect traction, enabling incredibly steep climbs and descents. Absolutely beautiful area. Extremely steep climbs and descents over tire-blackened slickrock. Assistance may be needed at steepest points. For advanced riders only. Make sure you wear a helmet. Easy to get lost. See page 21 for more detailed information on the Sand Flats Recreation Area.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 6.2
Beautiful scenery on way to remarkable Gemini Bridges— two giant arches at the end of Bull Canyon. The arches are not apparent until you get close and look down. An extremely popular mountain bike route. Please slow down to minimize dust when passing. To view arches from below, see Bull Canyon, Trail #11. Enter via a high shelf road with spectacular views. Follow good road through canyon to major “T” where Gold Bar Rim Jeep Trail goes left. You go right uphill. Road levels out with several forks before Gemini Bridges. Park above bridges and hike down the last 0.2 miles. Riding all the way to the bridges is discouraged and could be non-designated by the time you read this. Be extremely careful around the bridges. Watch the kids; there are no handrails.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 24.4
A remote, harsh area visited by few. Appealing to sportsmen looking for a rugged challenge. Ends at interesting mining camp with round stone cabin. Old mining road with loose boulders and soft soils. Very steep and rocky in places. Prone to washouts and rock slides. Don’t go alone. For advanced riders only. Ride in dry weather only.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 27.4
Awesome views dropping into Spring Canyon and climbing up into Hey Joe Canyon. Interesting mining equipment scattered outside Hey Joe Mine. Use caution around mines. Take insect repellent. Rocky in places with extremely dense brush. You may find a deep water crossing in early spring when Green River is high. Much of trail is easy to moderate. Along river’s edge, trail is very narrow and partially washed out in places. The shelf road that drops into canyon is wide and easy, but sheer cliffs require close attention. Remote location. Don’t go alone. Best ridden on a cool, dry day.
Moab, UT - Mountain Biking,Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 31
A remote, fun area that few people know about. Climbs to beautiful overlook at south end of Hideout Mesa. Cool in summer. First half of route is easy but fun. Don’t go too early in the spring. I first tried this route in mid April but had to turn around because of deep snow and a washed-out section. I went back five weeks later and everything was repaired and clear. Second half of route is narrow, rough and steep in spots.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 10
A real cruiser the whole family can enjoy. Excellent views from the pass. Stop at the Birthing Rock along Kane Creek Road to see an excellent display of Indian petroglyphs. Close to Moab. Kane Creek Road is a wide, maintained gravel road with tight turns and high cliffs the first couple miles. The climb to Hurrah Pass is a bit rougher but still easy. The west side descent from pass is more susceptible to rock slides and washouts. Kane Creek can swell to dangerously deep levels after a heavy rain storm.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 25.2
Challenging and scenic trip into narrowing, remote canyon with many water crossings. Don’t go alone. Stay on main route at all times. This area has been heavily abused by irresponsible riders who think they can go anywhere they see a small path. Trail could be closed if abuses continue. Rocky and washed out in places. More than 20 significant creek crossings, some of which are deep even during dry periods. I found the worst crossing mid-thigh deep. Primary route is sometimes hard to determine through wet section. Easy to get stuck in mud or ensnared in tight brush if you get sidetracked. End of trail climbs rocky shelf road to difficult point where most riders should turn around.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 18.2
Follow difficult but scenic trail to an outstanding overlook of Kane Creek Canyon. Many legal side roads to explore. Stay on existing roads at all times. Watch for bikers. Avoid this area during the 24 Hours of Moab Bike Race, held annually over a 3-day weekend in mid-October. Contact Moab Travel Council or BLM for dates. Some of this trail follows segments of “Tip Toe Behind the Rocks” Jeep Trail. This trail has steep, rocky ledges that are difficult for ATVs. Some ledges have bypasses, some do not. For advanced riders only. Don’t go alone.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 9.1
Good summer trip when Moab is hot. Allow time for road to dry out in the spring. Great fall color. I rode this route when it was partly snow covered and was not able to go on many side roads. I was told later that most riders go right at Waypoint 04 to bypass an area where snow lingers. Narrow and rocky in places. Other places may be slippery and muddy when wet. Snow can block route in late spring and early fall. Not many markers along route.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 18
A beautiful canyon to be enjoyed by all. Very popular place to hike, bike and ride horses. A great opportunity to show others that ATV riders can be thoughtful and courteous. Super place to camp and relax. Don’t ride in creek except to go straight across on the road. Very easy graded road that weaves back and forth across Onion Creek 27 times. The creek is usually shallow, but it can swell quickly after a heavy downpour. Watch your speed. There are many blind curves and cliff edges. You never know what is around the next corner. Slow down for hikers and mountain bikers to avoid a dust cloud. Stop for horseback riders coming towards you and shut off your engine. If approaching from behind, make sure they realize you are approaching, then go around slowly when they are ready.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 18
This short, easy route introduces you to a popular area with many legal side roads and very diverse terrain. Visit two distinctive arches and ride across small sand dunes. Don’t get too far off the main road. Most side roads to the north connect to “Behind the Rocks” Jeep Trail, one of the toughest in Moab. This is a popular mountain bike area. Please be conscious of your dust and noise. Slow down for bikers and offer water if you have extra. Avoid this trail three days in mid-October, when thousands of bikers flood the area for the 24 Hours of Moab Bike Race. Contact the Moab Travel Council or BLM for exact dates of this event. A wide, easy road, but rocky and bumpy in places. The loop around Lone Rock is washed out and rutted in spots with a few rock ledges around the back side.
Moab, UT - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 11.7