Scenic Driving Arizona  by Stewart M. Green

Scenic Driving Arizona Guide Book

by Stewart M. Green (Falcon Guides)
Scenic Driving Arizona  by Stewart M. Green
This indispensable highway companion maps out day trips that explore the Grand Canyon State. Discover Arizona’s multicultural history, geographic diversity, and awe-inspiring scenery along highways and back roads from the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert to the volcanic White Mountains and the Apache Trail Scenic Byway. Along the way, stop and explore the ruins of Indian villages, watery playgrounds, such as Lake Mead, the natural delights of national parklands, and the ghost towns and abandoned gold mines of Arizona’s pioneer days.

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Trails from the "Scenic Driving Arizona" Guide Book
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This 44-mile paved and gravel road, a National Scenic Byway, traverses the rugged northern fringe of the fabled Superstition Mountains and offers access to three large reservoirs on the Salt River. The 44-mile-long Apache Trail meanders across central Arizona’s most beautiful piece of real estate. The road dips, rolls, and twists along the northern flank of the rumpled Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix. This rugged land is a tangle of precipitous canyons, sharp volcanic peaks, tawny cliffs, undulating mesas, and stately saguaro forests. The drive, traversing a land of raw, pristine beauty, offers unmatched views. The Apache Trail is one of Arizona’s best scenic drives.
Tortilla Flat, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 44
The 21-mile-long Black Hills Back Country Byway, a designated BLM scenic drive, threads through the rugged Black Hills, the northernmost part of the Peloncillo Mountains, in southeastern Arizona. This long mountain range extends north from the Mexican border to the twisting Gila River north of the Black Hills. The drive follows the Old Safford Road, an unpaved, gravel road that is passable to high-clearance vehicles in dry weather. Passenger cars can also drive on the road under good conditions
Clifton, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 21
Two Navajo highways, totaling 43 miles, that follow the lofty rims of Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto in Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeastern Arizona.
Chinle, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 43
A 123-mile-long paved highway that traverses spectacular mountain country from Springerville to Morenci in east-central Arizona.
Springerville, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 123
A 22-mile-long paved and gravel scenic drive that traverses Gates Pass and Tucson Mountain Park, passes the famed Arizona–Sonora Desert Museum, and explores the spectacular saguaro forests of Saguaro National Park.
Tucson, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 22
A 30-mile-long highway that traverses the northern flank of the Pinal Range before dropping into Superior and the Sonoran Desert.
Superior, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 30
A 57-mile-long paved drive that climbs from Cameron up the eastern flank of the Kaibab Plateau to Grand Canyon National Park. The drive follows the canyon’s South Rim to Grand Canyon Village.
Cameron, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 57
The Oatman Road traverses a 47-mile section of beloved Old Route 66, a 2,400-mile-long highway that linked Chicago’s Lake Michigan with the Pacific Ocean’s billowing surf at road’s end in Los Angeles. For some fifty years, from the mid-1920s through the mid-1970s when parts of five different interstate highways replaced it, Route 66 was America’s national road. The highway, crossing eight states, crept through so many small towns it became known as the Main Street of America. Through Arizona Route 66 traversed a railroad corridor surveyed by Lieutenant Edward F. Beale and his exotic caravan of soldiers, camels, and Arabian camel drivers in 1857. Beale predicted his route—later followed by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad and Route 66—would “inevitably become the great emigrant road to California.”
Kingman, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 47
A 16-mile-long paved and gravel road that climbs from Kingman to the crest of the rugged Hualapai Mountains in west-central Arizona.
Kingman, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 16
A 44-mile-long, paved scenic drive that traverses the forested Kaibab Plateau to Bright Angel Point on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The scenic drive begins in Jacob Lake at the intersection of U.S. Highway 89A and Arizona Highway 67. Jacob Hamblin, a Mormon explorer, lent his name to shallow Jacob Lake. During the 1850s through the 1870s, he poked around northern Arizona, looking for town sites for prospective Mormon settlements. Hamblin, also a missionary among the Hopi and Navajo, negotiated several treaties with local Indians. Jacob Lake, at 7,900 feet, is a small service community with gas, groceries, lodging, and a restaurant available. At the intersection of the highways is Jacob Lake Campground, a fifty-three-site National Forest campground. There are several hiking trails nearby. Ask at the Forest Service visitor center in Jacob Lake for more information. Just south of town on the drive is an RV park.
Jacob Lake, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 44
A 26-mile-long drive that runs north from Kayenta to the Utah border and Monument Valley past volcanic plugs and towering sandstone buttes and cliffs.
Kayenta, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 26
An 80-mile-long highway that runs north from Yuma across the barren desert of western Arizona to Quartzsite.
Yuma, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 80
This 57-mile scenic drive parallels the scenic east bank of the Colorado River from Parker through Lake Havasu City to Interstate 40, 9 miles east of the California border. The 57-mile-long Lake Havasu drive parallels the scenic lower Colorado River from Parker to Interstate 40. The road unfolds through spectacular desert terrain—the river gorge lined with ancient volcanic rocks, cactus-studded mountains that lift craggy summits into the brilliant sky, and Lake Havasu shining like a watery jewel against a tawny desert carpet. The land here is elemental. It’s been lifted, heaved, twisted, and faulted, and then rubbed down to bare-bones rock and left exposed to the sun, wind, and sky. The paved, two-lane highway is best driven in spring, fall, and winter.
Lake Havasu City, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 57
A spectacular 42-mile-long gravel U.S. Forest road that follows the lofty Mogollon Rim in central Arizona.
Payson, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 42
A 169-mile-long paved highway in northeastern Arizona that traverses both the Navajo and Hopi reservations between Window Rock, capital of the Navajo Nation, and Tuba City.
Window Rock, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 169
The 21-mile Ajo Mountain Drive and the 53-mile Puerto Blanco Drive, both gravel roads, make scenic loops through the remote and beautiful backcountry of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Sprawling across 516 square miles of southern Arizona along the Mexican border, the monumentpreserves one of the last great expanses of pristine Sonoran Desert in the United States. The monument belies the image of deserts as being dead and inhospitable environments. The monument its every definition of a desert with its hot climate and scant 9 inches of annual precipitation, yet this dry land supports an amazingly rich flora and fauna, including more than five hundred plant species, from delicate flowers to giant saguaros. Organ Pipe supports this diversity of life and a unique blend of five different plant communities because two subdivisions of the Sonoran Desert—the Lower Colorado Subdivision and the Arizona Upland Subdivision—merge here.
Lukeville, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 74
A 45-mile-long paved drive that skirts the eastern edge of the Santa Rita Mountains, crosses the rolling Sonoita Plains, follows Sonoita Creek, and drops down to Nogales and the Mexican border.
Sonoita, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 45
A 47-mile drive that crosses wide valleys and broad ridges covered with some of Arizona’s largest Joshua tree forests and ends at South Cove on the shores of Lake Mead.
Dolan Springs, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 47
A 47-mile-long road that runs south from Williams across the pine-covered Mogollon Rim, drops into the scenic Verde River Valley, and climbs up an old railroad grade to the old mining camp of Jerome.
Williams, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 47
This 28-mile scenic drive in eastern Arizona traverses Petrified Forest National Park, an eroded landscape of twisted gullies and low mesas that preserves the petrified logs of a 225-millionyear-old forest.
Holbrook, AZ - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 28

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