Birding Illinois Guide Book

by Sheryl DeVore (Falcon Guides)
Birding Illinois  by Sheryl DeVore

ISBN: 1560446897

With this guide you can explore over 110 great birding locations throughout the state. Some of the Midwest's best birding occurs in the Prairie State, thanks to the rich variety of habitat that includes woodlands, wetlands, hills, sandstone canyons, savannas, prairies, cypress swamps, and sand dunes. You will also find good birding on the expansive Lake Michigan shoreline and along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The book includes detailed site maps and bar graphs showing status and distribution. Author Sheryl De Vore is an expert Illinois birder and serves as the Chief Editor of Meadowlark, the quarterly journal of the Illinois Ornithological Society. She knows the rich bird life in the state and where to observe it. Birding Illinois will prove invaluable when you plan your next birding trip.

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Trails from the "Birding Illinois" Guide Book
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... Preview: When it comes to birding, the Atwood Ridge area has its disadvantages; roads can be difficult to maneuver, turkey hunters can be everywhere in spring, and birding is sometimes hit or miss on the ridge ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Anna, IL - Birding
... Preview: To view the ducks and the rookery at Baker’s Lake in the northwest Chicago suburb of Barrington, you’ll need a scope. To protect the nesting birds, no one is allowed on the island. The herons, egret ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Barrington, IL - Birding
... Preview: Restored strip mines along the Illinois River at Banner Marsh south of Peoria include acres of diverse habitat that offer birders a chance to see many different bird species, some of which can be rare ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Pekin, IL - Birding
... Preview: Drive through central Illinois amid the cornfields, and you might think no wetlands or forests exist for miles; that is, until you get to the Illinois River Valley, where backwater lakes, a deepwater ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Jacksonville, IL - Birding
... Preview: One late September day, several birders stood atop Mount Hoy some 30 miles southwest of Chicago and waited for the fog to lift from the surrounding hills. As the cloudy mist dissipated, a Cooper’s Haw ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Warrenville, IL - Birding
... Preview: More than 8,200 acres of upland and bottomland fields, forests, swamps, and sloughs harbor a wide variety of not only birds, but also a large percentage of some of the state’s rarest natural communiti ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Vienna, IL - Birding
... Preview: Walk along a creek at the bottom of a canyon at the 140-acre Camp Sagawau in Lemont on a spring day and you’ll see luscious ferns growing along rock formations as warblers feed on the abundant insects ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Palos Park, IL - Birding
... Preview: Carlyle Lake includes 80 miles of tree-lined shores in southern Illinois, 80 miles south of Springfield and 50 miles east of St. Louis. Ross’s, Snow, and Greater White-fronted Geese have increased the ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Salem, IL - Birding
... Preview: Carpenter Park and Riverside Preserve north of Springfield in central Illinois include 700 acres of oak woods, river bottomland, steep ravines, and sandstone outcroppings, providing picturesque viewin ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Springfield, IL - Birding
... Preview: Along with Lowden-Miller State Forest immediately across the Rock River, this area hosts an amazing variety and combination of rare breeding warblers and other passerines. The park encompasses more th ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Oregon, IL - Birding
... Preview: One of the best places in Illinois to find breeding Sandhill Cranes is at Chain O’ Lakes State Park, which provides the unique habitat this bird needs— marshes adjoining upland oak woods. The park als ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Rosecrans, IL - Birding
... Preview: In this small birding spot, 385 acres, birders have documented more than 251 bird species, including 27 waterfowl, 14 raptors, 36 warblers, and 16 sparrows. Up to 74 bird species breed at the botanic ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Glencoe, IL - Birding
... Preview: Birders have recorded 25 species of waterfowl in one day as well as 5 species of grebes at this 10-square-mile manmade lake 30 miles west of Champaign in central Illinois. The following descriptions o ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Clinton, IL - Birding
... Preview: One May morning after an evening of southeast winds, several years ago, a birder discovered 29 species of warblers at Conkey Woods. Since then other locals have discovered this 20-acre migratory hotsp ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Crestwood, IL - Birding
... Preview: This 43,600-acre refuge is managed for industrial and agricultural use as well as for migrating waterfowl. Many areas are closed to the public, and a user fee is required, but don’t let that stop you ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Carbondale, IL - Birding
... Preview: Crabtree Nature Center, with its diverse habitats, including ponds, marshes, woodlands, and restored prairie has attracted 260 bird species, including 80 confirmed breeders. Birders usually come to Cr ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Barrington, IL - Birding
... Preview: Much of the refuge is closed to the public or not easily accessed; however, you’ll find plenty of places to bird if you plan accordingly. Stop at the refuge headquarters during visitor hours to obtain ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Vienna, IL - Birding
... Preview: If you’re vacationing or if you work in downtown Chicago, you can enjoy an hour or two of birding in the morning before you visit the museums for sightseeing or start your day’s job. Or if you’ve plan ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Chicago, IL - Birding
... Preview: Fermilab contains nearly all of the major ecosystems that once dominated the Midwest, and that varied habitat attracts unusual geese, shorebirds, grassland birds, shrikes, and wintering owls, not to m ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Batavia, IL - Birding
... Preview: More than 230 species of birds have visited the 1,800-acre Forest Glen Preserve, where botanists have discovered rare plants, including several types of orchids. One of the most coveted Illinois warbl ... From the guidebook "Birding Illinois"
Danville, IL - Birding

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