Exploring Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area  by Roger L. Hammer

Exploring Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area Guide Book

by Roger L. Hammer (Falcon Guides)
Exploring Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area  by Roger L. Hammer
This is the ultimate guide to discovering the vast "River of Grass" ecoregion of the southern Florida mainland. Packed with photographs, maps, and informative text, this guide will help outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the landscape and varied flora and fauna of this watershed whether they have a day to spend in the effort or a lifetime. This edition includes new routes in Biscayne National Park. Whether traveling by canoe or by foot, this guide will enhance the next journey into the remarkable Everglades.

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Trails from the "Exploring Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area" Guide Book
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The trailhead is located next to the visitor center. This is one of the most popular trails in all of Everglades National Park, so bring your camera, binoculars, and field guides. This is is also where visitors often get their very first look at an American alligator in its natural habitat, and it is a very popular birding destination as well. The fish, in turn, attract birds, alligators, river otters, and other animals that come to feast on the bounty. There is usually an abundance of birds along the trail, and most can be viewed and photographed at close range because they are accustomed to pedestrians. Double-crested cormorants, black vultures, and the trademark anhingas often perch on the low fence adjacent to the trail, allowing viewing at just a few feet away. Wood storks, herons, egrets, and moorhens are common sights.
Homestead, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.75
If you are looking for out-of-the-way adventure, consider the Bear Island Unit of the Big Cypress National Preserve for hiking, biking, and primitive camping.
Ochopee, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 20
The official opening of the Bird Rookery Swamp Trail by the South Florida Water Management District was in July 2011. It remains practically unknown except for some birding and hiking groups but is definitely a trail you will want to explore, whether hiking or biking. Mosquitoes and biting flies may be present, especially in summer and fall, but are usually at tolerable levels. Vultures may be attracted to the rubber lining on car doors and windshield wipers so it is suggested to bring a large plastic tarp to cover your vehicle or try hanging plastic shopping bags from the doors and wipers.
Naples, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 12
Hike on a color-coded loop trail through cattle land, prairies, mesic pine flatwoods, and depression marshes.
Bonita Springs, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.5
Hike through coastal mangroves and salt-marsh vegetation to Snake Bight. Biking is allowed but parts of the trail can be muddy, slippery, and tough to traverse on a bicycle.
Everglades National Park, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
Hike or backpack on a trail through salt marsh and mangrove habitat along the edge of Florida Bay. This trail offers a scenic view of coastal mangrove forests, extensive salt marshes, and Florida Bay. The trailhead is at the west side of Loop C in the Flamingo campground and terminates at Clubhouse Beach along the shore of Florida Bay. A backcountry permit is required to camp at East Clubhouse Beach (also accessible by canoe or kayak) or Clubhouse Beach campsites. It is possible to continue west along the shoreline from Clubhouse Beach, and intrepid explorers have even hiked all the way to Cape Sable, but this requires crossing House Ditch and the more formidable East Cape Canal.
Homestead, FL - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 13
Hike or backpack along a blazed trail through mixed-hardwood swamp, cypress strand, and other scenic habitats, with the option to camp at a primitive campsite. A portion of this trail leads through a mixed- hardwood swamp with native royal palms towering above the forest.
Goodland, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.5
Hike or bike along an elevated loop trail through pine flatwoods and freshwater marsh habitat. This is a nice trail to hike or bike while viewing birds and other wildlife, as well as native flowering plants.
Goodland, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.5
Paddle across open water of Biscayne Bay with the option of tent camping on Elliott Key. For serious paddlers looking for adventure, this can be a very rewarding trip combined with a good bit of exercise.
Homestead, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 18
Paddle over sea-grass beds along the mangrove shoreline of Biscayne Bay with opportunities for bird watching, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling.
Homestead, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.5
Paddle over shallow sea-grass beds in Biscayne Bay with opportunities for bird watching, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling.
Homestead, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.5
Canoe or kayak across open water and through mangrove-lined creeks. There are scenic views of the Everglades backcountry, narrow mangrove-lined creeks, and the opportunity for excellent bird watching, especially in Mud Lake. This is a seldom-traveled loop trail that can be rewarding if the weather is nice. Launch at Coot Bay Pond (on the right just past Mrazek Pond). Once you cross Coot Bay Pond, you will enter a short, narrow creek that leads to Coot Bay. Paddle toward the point ahead to your left about midway across Coot Bay, and use caution when crossing the marked channel that leads to Buttonwood Canal because of powerboat and tour boat traffic (a no-wake zone is close to the entrance, so there should not be any speeding boats in this area).
Homestead, FL - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 7
Walk along an elevated boardwalk and view an abundance of birdlife, along with other wildlife, in their natural habitat. This elevated boardwalk offers extraordinary scenic views of what wild Florida looked like before much of it was lost to development, agriculture, and theme parks. The trail begins directly outside of the Blair Audubon Center with an elevated boardwalk that leads visitors through pine flatwoods, cypress and mixed-hardwood swamp, wet prairies, and sloughs that make up the 13,000-acre preserve. The entire boardwalk is more than 2 miles in length, and there are covered pavilions and sitting areas along the way to either relax in or escape a rainstorm. There is a 1-mile loop that allows for a shorter excursion.
Bonita Springs, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.25
The CREW Marsh Hiking Trails are a well-kept secret so enjoy the peace and solitude. This is a nice sandy trail to hike while viewing birds and other wildlife, as well as native flowering plants. There is a possibility to see Florida panthers, Florida black bears, bobcats, feral hogs, wild turkeys, and other interesting fauna. Wildflowers abound. For wildflower enthusiasts the CREW Marsh represents the southern edge of the natural range of many species of native wildflowers due to the sandy habitat that is not found south of this region. Here you can find such species as the endemic Florida scrub roseling (Callisia ornata), coastal plain honeycombhead (Balduina angustifolia), and pine barren frostweed (Crocanthemum corymbosum).
Bonita Springs, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 5
The color-coded trail system allows visitors to choose the length of their hikes or biking adventures. If you are hiking, take your time because there will be a lot to see along these trails, especially an array of interesting wildflowers, some of which do not occur elsewhere in the Everglades region.
Estero, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 3
This is one of the most picturesque preserves in Florida, although there are those who may find it hard to envision a swamp as being picturesque. Few people get to see the deep and foreboding interior of the swamp, but some of the deep sloughs are fascinating and intriguing. No matter how one feels about swamps, to explore the Fakahatchee is one of those memories that will remain with you for a lifetime.
Copeland, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 6
Walk along a loop trail that circles Eco Pond. This is one of the most popular birding locations in Everglades National Park.
Everglades National Park, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.5
Paddle along a marked trail to backcountry campsites. The Everglades Wilderness Waterway is real wild Florida and is by far my favorite paddling route in the Everglades.
Flamingo, FL - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 99
Paddle across the shallow open water (close to shore) of northern Florida Bay from Flamingo to Cape Sable. Although this is not a designated “trail” because it crosses open water, Cape Sable is a popular destination for both tourists and residents who want to explore and camp on one of Florida’s most beautiful and pristine beaches. If you have never been to Cape Sable, you are in for a treat.
Homestead, FL - Sea Kayaking - Trail Length: 18
Open-water paddling along Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and then paddling along tidal rivers and across open bays of the backcountry.
Everglades National Park, FL - Hiking - Trail Length: 85