Touring Hot Springs Washington and Oregon  by Jeff Birkby

Touring Hot Springs Washington and Oregon Guide Book

by Jeff Birkby (Falcon Guides)
Touring Hot Springs Washington and Oregon  by Jeff Birkby
Whether you're searching for a family hot springs resort or an isolated natural soaking pool, Touring Washington and Oregon Hot Springs, 2nd Edition will guide you to a truly memorable geothermal experience.

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A pair of rustic soaking pools on the edge of the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon. Nudity is the norm in the bathing pools. The hot springs are privately owned by the Alvord Ranch (which formed a limited liability corporation to manage the hot springs). The landowner graciously allows the public to use the hot springs for a nominal fee. Any vehicle can make the trip on the paved and graveled Fields-Denio Road to the parking area adjacent to the hot springs. A rare snowstorm may block portions of Fields-Denio Road in the winter.
Hines, OR - Hiking,Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A high-elevation, primitive hot spring located in the center of the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. Situated near the head of Rock Creek in an aspen-dotted meadow, Antelope Hot Springs is a relaxing soak for up to half a dozen people. The soaking pool is about 5 feet deep and 9 feet by 12 feet across. Hot water averaging 100° F. bubbles gently from the natural sand-and-rock bottom.
Plush, OR - Off-Highway Drives,Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A well-known backcountry soaking site nestled in a grove of old-growth cedar and Douglas fir. Hand-hewn log bathtubs and circular cedar group tubs filled with steaming hot water attract diverse crowds. The three hot springs that feed the hot tubs and bathhouses flow out of the ground at 136 degrees F. Cold water can be added to the tubs to cool them to a comfortable soaking temperature.
Estacada, OR - Cross-Country Skiing,Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 3
An easily accessible soaking pool in a forest glen surrounded by cedars and Douglas fir. After being jostled on the bumpy forest road that leads to the parking area, you’ll savor the hushed quiet of the footpath that passes through a grove of old-growth cedar trees. The ten-minute walk ends in a cathedral of Douglas fir, maple, and cedar that surrounds the 15-foot-diameter soaking pool. In heavy snow years the hiking may be difficult.
Mount Vernon, WA - Cross-Country Skiing,Hiking,Off-Highway Drives,Snowshoeing,Walking - Trail Length: 1
A well-known commercial resort on the banks of the McKenzie River. Belknap Hot Springs has been a popular destination resort for Oregonians for more than 125 years. Since the 1870s the scalding hot springs on the north bank of the McKenzie have been piped across the river to a variety of bathhouses, soaking tubs, and the current two warm-water swimming pools. Day visitors can purchase an hourly or all-day pass to soak in the scenic lower pool.
Blue River, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A high desert hot springs flows into an irrigation ditch that contains several warm soaking pools
Denio Junction, NV - - Trail Length: 0
An upscale resort and spa that opened in 2002, complete with indoor and outdoor pools and private suites with hot tubs. Swimsuits must be worn in public pool areas. Any vehicle can make this trip on the paved highway to the resort. The geothermal water is used directly in some of the soaking tubs and large pools. As needed, the temperature is boosted using geothermal heat pumps. Heating for the facility is also provided through the use of geothermal heat pumps, with the heat distributed through a forced-air system.
North Bonneville, WA - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A string of more than a dozen hot springs that march north along a fault line in the Oregon desert. The thermal water from the southernmost hot springs creates the 5-acre warm-water Borax Lake. Te desert heat in July and August can be brutal—a September or October visit may be the most pleasant time of year for a visit. No dogs are allowed on the property, so leave your puppy behind. PLEASE NOTE: The Nature Conservancy doesn't permit soaking in Borax Lake or the nearby hot springs.
Fields, OR - Hiking,Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length:
A worker-owned cooperative and intentional community situated in an old-growth forest, offering personal-growth retreats and group workshops. More than a half dozen hot springs pools and a natural sauna are available to retreat guests and day visitors. Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center is a great place to get away from urban pressures for a few days of reflection, relaxation, and renewal. The center is known in the Pacific Northwest for its emphasis on holistic living and personal wellness. Breitenbush encourages guests to be proactive in their own well-being and offers dozens of workshops and retreats throughout the year on such topics as conflict resolution in relationships, meditation, yoga, and rhythm and dance.
Detroit, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A once sleepy Victorian-era hotel and bathhouse that features a regimen of therapeutic hot mineral baths reminiscent of old European spas. The resort had a major renovation in 2013 and opened new guest and conference facilities, along with a magnificent golf course and restaurant/clubhouse.
Carson, WA - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A natural warm-water swimming pool and picnic area on the edge of a small town in Oregon’s Grande Ronde Valley. Although Cove Warm Springs isn’t a steaming wilderness soak, it is a nice place for a family swim and picnic on a warm summer afternoon. Unlike many pools where mineral water is piped in, the Cove swimming pool is built directly on top of the warm springs. Most of the pool bottom is concrete, but a 15-by 15-foot opening in the center of the pool exposes bare rock fissures bubbling warm water at more than 300 gallons per minute. The pool doesn’t need to be chlorinated, as the large flow rate of the warm springs ensures that the water in the pool turns over several times a day.
Cove, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A slumbering hot-water well that was at one time the site of the largest continuously erupting geyser in the United States.
Adel, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A small rustic resort with an open-air hot pool and enclosed soaking tubs, situated on windswept sagebrush flats in eastern Oregon. The outdoor soaking pool and the indoor soaking tubs are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Bathing suits must be worn in the open-air hot springs pond. What you wear in the private enclosed hot tubs is up to you. Crystal Crane has a wide variety of lodging options, including 9 cabins, 9 RV spots, a 3-bedroom ranch house, a 3-bedroom inn, and a seasonal tepee that contains a private mineral-water hot tub.
Burns, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A warm soaking pool in a fern-lined grotto on the banks of the McKenzie River. Deer Creek Hot Springs is a mellow little soaking pool on the upper stretches of the McKenzie River. There’s only one soaking pool at Deer Creek Hot Springs, but it’s a beauty. The 8-by-12-foot pool sits a few feet from the McKenzie River. Half of the pool is enclosed by a 4-foot-deep grotto covered with ferns and moss. You can choose to sit inside the grotto (where the water tends to be a bit warmer) or soak in the exposed portion of the pool with a better view of the McKenzie River. Keep your eyes peeled for water ouzels bobbing and chirping on the rocks in the river current.
McKenzie Bridge, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A rustic New Age retreat with clothing-optional soaking tubs overlooking a peaceful cove in Washington’s San Juan Islands. Two hot tubs contain mineral water that’s piped from a 300-foot- deep well, then heated to 105 to 110 degrees F. The adjacent cold-water pool is a bracing 52 degrees F. While the pools at Doe Bay aren’t filled with water that is naturally heated, the gorgeous views and soothing warmth of the pools make it easy to forget this fact.
Anacortes, WA - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A pleasant overnight spot for the RV or camping crowd, with a quiet tree-lined stream and picnic spot and outdoor soaking pools.
La Grande, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
Two small soaking pools on the banks of the Owyhee River, just upstream from impressive towers of volcanic tuff.
Boise, ID - Hiking,Scenic Drives - Trail Length:
A series of hot springs pools emerging from the mouth of an old mine, with a day limit on soakers to ensure a relaxing visit. Several camping spots are available at the hot springs. Since it will take most of a day to get to the hot springs, most visitors choose to camp overnight. Goldmyer Hot Springs is very popular, especially in the summer and on weekends, so book as far in advance as possible. Although it’s not essential that you make advance reservations, the caretaker won’t allow more than 20 people per day at the springs, so if you arrive without reservations and the quota is full, you’ll be turned away.
Seattle, WA - Off-Highway Drives - Trail Length: 20
A popular soak for the rafting crowd on the banks of the Owyhee River. Greely Bar Hot Springs is another of the pristine soaks along the Owyhee River. Greely Bar is similar to Ryegrass Hot Springs, in that both are very near the riverbank, and both are often a little too hot for soaking unless cooler river water is added to the soaking pool.
Vale, OR - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
A beautifully restored hotel and resort on the shores of a warm-water lake. The refurbished resort features 22 uniquely furnished guest rooms, a restaurant, a museum with a large collection of Native American artifacts, a bronze foundry, soaking tubs, and a spa. The hot springs are located in a small building between the lake and the hotel. The artesian hot springs produce 2.5 million gallons per day of 198-degree-F water. Ladd Marsh, a 3,000-acre wildlife sanctuary, is adjacent to Hot Lake. It’s a great place to spend a few hours observing dozens of waterfowl species. There’s a nature trail through the sanctuary.
La Grande, OR - Scenic Drives - Trail Length: 0