Hiking Arizonaand39;s Cactus Country-Third Edition  by Erik Molvar

Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country-Third Edition Guide Book

by Erik Molvar (Falcon Guides)
Hiking Arizonaand39;s Cactus Country-Third Edition  by Erik Molvar
Rigorously updated, this third edition features hikes in Saguaro National Park, Organ Pipe National Monument, the Chiricahua Mountains, and the Sky Islands of Coronado National Forest, as well as a section for the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. This indispensable guide provides day hikers and long-distance backpackers alike opportuinities to explore Arizona’s expansive landscapes.

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Trails from the "Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country-Third Edition" Guide Book
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An off-trail loop hike around the northern tail of the Sierra Pinta, 9.1 miles round-trip. This is a hike of the open desert, offering vistas of distant ranges across vast, arid basins. Point of the Pintas is the last major outcrop of granite at the northern tail of the Sierra Pinta. To begin the trek, hike southeast along the base of Point of the Pintas.
Tacna, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 9.1
A day hike to an overlook above Ventana Canyon, 4.0 miles one way. This trail penetrates the arid foothills of the Santa Catalinas, carrying the hiker up a steady grade to an overlook of Ventana Canyon. The trail begins by gently climbing through rugged country populated by saguaros, prickly pears, and palo verdes. There are early views of the vertical rock faces of Prominent Point, including a distinctive formation known as Finger Rock.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
A wilderness loop around the base of Ragged Top peak, 5.1 miles round-trip. This off-trail hike makes a circuit around the base of Ragged Top, the most striking peak in the Silver Bell Mountains. Although the elevation change and distance suggest an easy hike, the rugged terrain and off-trail hiking through cactus forest and thorn scrub make for a challenging trip. This is part of the Ironwood Forest National Monument, public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, which features primitive and natural conditions.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.1
A long day loop that visits the crest of the Huachuca Range, 10.1 miles round-trip. The hike begins at the visitor center. The first 0.5 mile is an easy uphill next to the creek and a gallery of Arizona sycamores. A loop at the end of this stretch reaches the Hamburg Trail from either direction (but is shorter to the left). This well-maintained footpath climbs the slopes to the south, crossing and recrossing the old mining road that once ran up the canyon to the settlement of Hamburg.
Sierra Vista, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 10.1
A backpack from Rucker Canyon to the Chiricahua Crest Trail, 5.7 miles one way. This trail forms the most direct link between the Rucker Canyon area and the Chiricahua Crest Trail. It climbs Bear Canyon and then follows a heavily burned ridgetop to meet the Crest Trail at Chiricahua Saddle. Because of the burn, the trail was already difficult to follow before the winter rains of 1994–95, and the wet season was expected to further erode the trail tread. Check with the Douglas Ranger District for current trail conditions, and expect some map-and-compass route finding above the head of Bear Canyon. Note: Once the trail reaches Chiricahua Saddle, the nearest water source is Eagle Spring, 0.6 mile southeast of Chiricahua Saddle.
Elfrida, AZ - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 5.7
A day hike from the Mount Lemmon Road to the floor of the Cañada del Oro, 2.8 miles one way. This trail descends steadily (and sometimes steeply) from the flanks of Mount Lemmon to the floor of the Cañada del Oro. It can be approached as a vigorous day hike or combined with the upper portion of the Oracle Ridge Trail for a short overnight loop. The trail provides excellent views of the Reef of Rock, one of the most striking geological formations in the Santa Catalinas. Carry plenty of water, because none will be found along the trail.
Mount Lemmon, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.8
A long day hike to Sage Peak, 5.4 miles one way. This trek follows a jeep trail to Red Rock Spring, then enters the Chiricahua Wilderness and becomes a footpath running all the way to the summit of Sage Peak. The trail goes beyond the peak, for hikers who wish to connect with the Rucker Canyon Trail. It features some fantastic stone pinnacles along the way and typically receives less traffic than other trails in the Rucker Canyon Recreation Area.
Elfrida, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.4
A short day hike to a natural water pocket in the northern Puerto Blanco Mountains, 0.8 mile one way. Note: At the time of printing (2013), this trail was closed. Please stop at the visitor center for current conditions. This trail makes a nice day hike from the Puerto Blanco Road to a natural catch basin that may contain water during the rainy season. This source of surface water is critical to desert wildlife, and hikers should tote their own water with them so that the tinaja does not become depleted. The trail begins as a narrow footpath, but soon merges with an old two-rut wagon trail.
Ajo, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.8
An interpretive loop trail through a gold mining region of the Huachucas, 0.7 mile round-trip. This 0.7-mile loop follows old mining roads and ore railways through the Reef Mine area. Along the way, interpretive signs explain the history of mine shafts, claims, and the ruins of an old ore-crushing mill, as well as local fire history and geology. The trail descends in a counterclockwise direction from a shady pine woodland into manzanita chaparral, where there is a fine overlook of Carr Canyon along with views of Ramsey and Carr Peaks. After visiting mine pits and shafts as well as the ruins of the Exposed Reef Stamp Mill, the trail makes a brisk ascent to return to the trailhead.
Sierra Vista, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.7
A day hike along Rhyolite Canyon from Chiricahua National Monument Visitor Center to the Echo Canyon trail, 2.6 miles one way. The path climbs steadily along the south wall of the canyon, and the pinnacles of welded tuff for which the canyon is famous rise in parallel ranks above the valley. Look for Arizona madrones along the path as it ascends. These unusual trees are characterized by shiny leaves and terminal branches of polished red. Views expand as the trail gains elevation and joins the Sarah Deming Canyon Trail. Both the Sarah Deming and upper Rhyolite Canyon Trails are discussed in detail under the Heart of Rocks Loop.
Willcox, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.6
A short day hike into the hills south of Tanque Verde Peak, 0.8 mile one way. This short hike follows an old roadbed that wanders up into the hills above the Rincon Valley. It makes a pleasant sunset stroll. To begin, follow the Hope Camp Trail eastward. At the bottom of the first hill is a junction; turn left as the Ridge View Trail follows a brushy draw filled with mesquite and palo verde.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 0.8
A long day hike or backpack from Happy Valley to the summit of Rincon Peak, 8.1 miles one way. This popular hike climbs from Happy Valley on the east side of the Rincon Mountains to the summit of Rincon Peak. The Miller Creek portion of the trail is closed to horses. Horse parties bound for Rincon Peak can follow the Turkey Creek Trail to the crest of the range and then follow the Heartbreak Ridge Trail westward to link up with the Rincon Peak Trail at Happy Valley Saddle. Horse users must tether their horses about 0.5 mile short of the summit, because the final pitch is extremely steep and vulnerable to erosion.
Tucson, AZ - Backpacking,Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 8.1
A day hike to Romero Pools, 2.8 miles one way; or backpack to Romero Pass, 7.2 miles one way. This trek begins on the flats of Catalina State Park, ascends through the rugged foothills of the Santa Catalinas, and then penetrates deep into the mountains. Most hikers travel only as far as Romero Pools, leaving the upper section of the trail fairly secluded. There is a good camping area near Romero Spring. From its terminus at Romero Pass, this trail links up with the Mount Lemmon and West Fork Sabino Trails for extended trips.
Tucson, AZ - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 2.8-7.2
An interpretive loop through Hohokam and early Spanish ruins, 0.7 mile round-trip. This short trail crosses Sutherland Wash to provide an interpretive loop through the ruins of a Hohokam Indian village. The Hohokam are thought to be the ancient forebears of the Tohono O’odham and contemporaries of the Anasazi. In contrast to their cliff-dwelling neighbors to the north, the Hohokam built villages on the flats.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.7
A backpack along the northeast slope of the Pinaleño Mountains, 14.4 miles one way. This trail offers one of the longer backpacking routes in southern Arizona, traversing the high and wild country beneath the crest of the Pinaleño Mountains. The trail is well maintained and fairly easy to follow but is physically challenging because it continually climbs up and down a series of high passes. Round the Mountain Spring provides the only reliable source of water on the trail, although Marijilda and Frye Canyons often carry water. Most of the country traversed by the route is quite steep, but camping spots can be found in the bottoms of most of the major canyons.
Safford, AZ - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 14.4
A day hike to an overlook above Rucker Canyon, 3.9 miles one way. This trail makes an outstanding day hike from the end of the Rucker Canyon Road (FR 74E). The bottomland forests along the lower part of the trail make excellent bird and deer habitat, and the upper segment of the trail offers spectacular views of multicolored rock formations flanking upper Rucker Canyon. At its upper end, the trail links up with the Red Rock Canyon Trail via Sage Peak, and a primitive track also runs up Price Canyon to meet the Chiricahua Crest Trail. There may be water in the wash of Rucker Canyon seasonally, but there are no springs along the route.
Elfrida, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.9
A day hike along Sabino Canyon to Hutch’s Pool, 4.1 miles one way. This hike is extremely popular, and the trail can be quite crowded during summer and on weekends. The trailhead is at the end of the Sabino Canyon shuttle bus route; hikers can pay the rather exorbitant fee and ride the bus or hike to the trailhead along the road or via the Phoneline Trail, which runs along the east wall of the canyon. The destination of the trek is Hutch’s Pool, which carries water year-round. The pool receives heavy use during late spring and summer and has been a victim of heavy visitor impact in the past.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.1
A day hike or backpack from Turkey Creek to the Chiricahua Crest trail, 6.4 miles one way. This trail runs eastward from the Turkey Creek valley as it climbs to join the Chiricahua Crest Trail on the slopes of Flys Peak. The upper portions of the route burned during the 1994 Chiricahua Fire, but the trailbed remains mostly intact and can be followed with a little effort. The hike begins on a jeep trail that follows Ward Creek as far as the mouth of Saulsbury Canyon.
Sunizona, AZ - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 6.4
A long day hike in the northern end of the Huachuca Mountains, 8.5-mile round-trip. This trail forms a challenging loop trip in the northern part of the Huachuca Mountains. It lies within the bounds of the Fort Huachuca army base, and a visitor permit is required. The trail is faint in the upper reaches of Scheelite Canyon, so it is safer to approach it from a clockwise direction to avoid getting lost at the top of the range.
Sierra Vista, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.5
A day hike to Mam-a-Gah Picnic Area, 3.2 miles one way. This trail crosses over a minor ridge and passes several old mines on its way to link Golden Gate Road with the Hugh Norris and King Canyon Trails. The trail begins by following an old roadbed up a series of gently sloping bajadas that skirt the ridges to the south. Look for ironwood and barrel cacti early on; these plants soon disappear with increasing altitude.
Tucson, AZ - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.2