Birding Washington Guide Book

by Rob and Natalie McNair-Huff (Falcon Guides)
Birding Washington  by Rob and Natalie McNair-Huff

ISBN: 076272577X

Washington State's diverse natural habitats offer resident and visiting birders opportunities to see more than 480 bird species. From the Sitka spruce forests and the Olympic Peninsula's rocky coast to the subalpine habitats of the Cascade Mountains and the farm fields and apple orchards in the northeast, this comprehensive guide profiles seventy bird-watching sites across the state. Maps and photographs accompany easy-to-read, lively descriptions of each site, and at-a-glance information puts everything you need to know about enjoying the experience right at your fingertips.

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Trails from the "Birding Washington" Guide Book
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... Preview: Bill’s Spit is one of those small birding spots that can be gold when the timing is right and leave you shaking your head when the timing is wrong. As with many of the birding sites on the inner Grays ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Ocean Shores, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 0.5
... Preview: Noted as one of the first U.S. stopovers for migrating fall waterfowl, the waters of Birch Bay can be brimming with ducks, geese, and loons. But there is more to 194-acre Birch Bay State Park than the ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Blaine, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 0.5
... Preview: Most people know Leavenworth for its Bavarian-themed lodging, shopping, and seasonal festivals. Fewer know of the gem that sits at the heart of the city on what once was a mill pond; Blackbird Island ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Leavenworth, WA - Birding
... Preview: Although Bottle Beach is a state park, it may be the least-developed and the easiest-to-miss park in Washington. This doesn’t bother the thousands of shorebirds that flock to the gradually sloping san ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Westport, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 0.25
... Preview: To the uneducated eye, the land circled by Brady Loop looks like yet another typical series of agricultural fields. To the bird-watcher, however, the area around Brady Loop is a big playground, especi ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Montesano, WA - Birding
... Preview: Maps depict Calispell Lake as a vast marsh surrounding a relatively small lake, but to migrating waterfowl and shorebirds, the lake and the emergent vegetation around it must look like a huge bull’s-e ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Newport, WA - Birding
... Preview: A high plateau pockmarked with small lakes and seasonal wetlands is what greets bird-watchers who explore the natural world along Cameron Lake Road, on the border between the central and northeastern ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Omak, WA - Birding
... Preview: When the Lewis and Clark Expedition reached Cape Disappointment in November 1805, they made little mention of birdlife at the mouth of the Columbia River, except for a gathering of California Condor f ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Ilwaco, WA - Birding
... Preview: Perched at the farthest northwestern tip of the Lower 48, Cape Flattery is a habitat of rain-drenched and windswept woodlands. Thanks to a 0.75-mile trail that spans wetlands on wooden boardwalks, it ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Neah Bay, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 1.5
... Preview: As one of the least-explored and least-accessible wildlife areas in central Washington, the Colockum Wildlife Area and the road up and over Colockum Pass offer some of the best bird-watching secrets i ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Wenatchee, WA - Birding
... Preview: The 23,000 acres of the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge are scattered around several units, including the Marsh units abutting the Seep Lakes Wildlife Area. This site makes it easy to imagine what i ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Othello, WA - Birding
... Preview: The Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) can be a confusing place. If you go to the area looking for a lake, as we did one summer, you will be surprised to find a number of wetland areas along t ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Trout Lake, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 2
... Preview: It is no wonder that the riparian areas along Crab Creek are such a draw for birds. As the only source of water for miles around, the creek offers an oasis for birds and other wildlife that extends fr ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Beverly, WA - Birding
... Preview: If there is a magnet that draws birders to Ocean Shores, then Damon Point State Park and the Oyhut Wildlife Area are the main attractions. Throughout the years the two areas have combined to serve as ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Ocean Shores, WA - Birding
... Preview: Who would imagine that barely outside of Spokane, surrounded by car dealers, pavement, and subdivisions, a little plot of bird nirvana is tucked into the landscape? Set aside in order to preserve a “p ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Spokane, WA - Birding
... Preview: Dramatic geology and a wealth of waterfowl await bird-watchers who visit Dry Falls and Sun Lakes State Park. Located in the middle of the state, the site draws birds from around the region, since it i ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Soap Lake, WA - Birding
... Preview: During migration, Dungeness Spit and the surrounding landscapes are paradise for bird-watchers. The crest of the Dungeness Spit divides a protected inner harbor from the open waters of the Strait of J ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Sequim, WA - Birding - Trail Length: 11
... Preview: Fir Island is a land laced with water, where the North and South forks of the Skagit River rush to Skagit Bay to meet in marshy fields, along riparian areas, and in tideflats that are teeming with bir ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Conway, WA - Birding
... Preview: Fort Flagler State Park is one of those rare, northern Puget Sound birding locations that offers shorebird-watching along sandy beach habitat just a few feet from mixed-forest uplands that cater to so ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Port Townsend, WA - Birding
... Preview: Just try to visit Fort Simcoe State Park without feeling you are in an oasis in the middle of sagebrush-strewn country at the northern base of Toppenish Ridge. The 200-acre park that includes the grou ... From the guidebook "Birding Washington"
Toppenish, WA - Birding

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