Birding Texas Guide Book

by Roland H. Wauer & Mark A. Elwonger (Falcon Guides)
Birding Texas  by Roland H. Wauer & Mark A. Elwonger

ISBN: 156044617X

The centerpiece of the book is a thoroughly researched status and distribution chart, 46 pages long, that tells which birds occur and how frequently in each of the state's ten birding regions. Such data has never been offered along regional lines before. This book includes more than 120 maps to help you find your way, a list of addresses and phone numbers to help you plan your birding trip, and a gallery of illustrations, drawn by artist Mimi Hoppe Wolf, of the 32 birds that can dependably be found only in Texas. Also included are sections on pelagic birding and the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. A big state requires a big guide. Make Birding Texas a part of your next ornithological adventure in the Lone Star State.

© Roland H Wauer and Mark A Elwonger/Falcon Guides. All Rights Reserved.

Trails from the "Birding Texas" Guide Book
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... Preview: The city of Abilene, established by cattlemen in 1881 as a shipping point for cattle, is today an oil town with a U.S. Air Force base and three universities: Abilene Christian, Hardin-Simmons, and McM ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Abilene, TX - Birding - Trail Length: 0
... Preview: Alcoa Lake is a private warm-water lake (cooling pond) owned by the Aluminum Company of America. It is bordered on two sides by the processing plant and open-pit coal mines. Birders must check in imme ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Rockdale, TX - Birding
... Preview: The 67,000-acre reservoir includes 850 miles of shoreline. The region lies at the confluence of three major biogeographic regions: Trans-Pecos to the west, Edwards Plateau to the north, and Tamaulipan ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Del Rio, TX - Birding
... Preview: The more than 34,000-acre Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1963 to provide habitat for wintering waterfowl along the Central Flyway. Between October and March, 32 species of waterfo ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Winnie, TX - Birding,Hiking
... Preview: Although the Angelina is the smallest national forest in Texas (154,307 acres), Sam Rayburn Reservoir is one of the largest inland lakes (114,500 acres), 50 miles long with approximately 560 miles of ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Broaddus, TX - Birding
... Preview: Most of the 115,000-acre refuge is situated on the Blackjack Peninsula, between San Antonio and Mesquite bays on the east and St. Charles Bay on the west; a portion of the refuge is located on nearby ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Tivoli, TX - Birding,Hiking
... Preview: The 1,900-acre Armand Bayou Nature Center is one of the few remaining wild tracts left in the Greater Houston area. Environmental education programs, including bird walks and owl prowls, are scheduled ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
LaPorte, TX - Birding
... Preview: The 1,474-acre state park is the largest of the many parks surrounding the reservoir. The 20,300-acre Wright Patman Lake (a conservation pool) and most of the surrounding lands are administered by the ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Atlanta, TX - Birding
... Preview: This 8,000-acre refuge, located on the inland edge of the coastal prairie, is one of the last strongholds of Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken, a subspecies of the Greater Prairie-Chicken and the now extinct ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Eagle Lake, TX - Birding
... Preview: The city of Austin, with a population in excess of 500,000, contains numerous city parks and greenbelts and several surrounding parks and preserves. Since most of this area is located at the southeast ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Austin, TX - Birding
... Preview: The three sites are located within the Austin city limits. The state park, only 13 miles from the state capitol, can be extremely crowded on weekends and holidays; birding is best in the early morning ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Austin, TX - Birding
... Preview: Only two tracts—Eckhardt and Nagel—within this 46,000-acre refuge are now open to general visitation. Additional tracts will likely be opened at a later time. Established in 1992, Balcones Canyonlan ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Lago Vista, TX - Birding
... Preview: The state park and lake are near San Solomon Springs, a group of artesian and gravity springs that produce 80 million gallons of water daily; they are known as the Oasis of West Texas. The area has be ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Balmorhea, TX - Birding
... Preview: The parks are located in the Lost Pines of Texas, a scenic remnant of a more extensive pine-oak forest that once covered much of central Texas. This isolated loblolly pine woodland lies approximately ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Bastrop, TX - Birding
... Preview: This 3,770-acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment, situated on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, can be extremely busy on weekends and holidays, when many of the entrance roads are closed to ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Benbrook, TX - Birding - Trail Length:
... Preview: The 588-acre state park as well as lands below Anzalduas County Park are part of the extensive Rio Grande Valley Wildlife Corridor, a multiagency project to protect tracts of native landscape between ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Mission, TX - Birding
... Preview: Big Bend National Park, encompassing more than 800,000 acres and with elevations that vary from 1,850 to 7,835 feet, contains a wide variety of habitats, from river and desert in the lowlands to conif ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Rio Grande Village, TX - Birding
... Preview: The 300,000-acre Big Bend Ranch State Park extends along the Rio Grande for 60 miles between Presidio and Lajitas and encompasses the geologically unique Solitario and scenic Bofecillos Creek. Park i ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Presidio, TX - Birding
... Preview: Scenic Mountain dominates the state park (382 acres). It is an erosional limestone-capped remnant of the northern edge of the Edwards Plateau. The Llano Estacado (pronounced yawn-o esta-ka-do), or Sta ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Big Spring, TX - Birding
... Preview: The original Big Thicket covered about 3.5 million acres from Louisiana west to what is now Houston, and from the coastal plains north to the upper watersheds of the Trinity, Neches, and Sabine rivers ... From the guidebook "Birding Texas"
Beaumont, TX - Birding

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