60 Hikes within 60 Miles St Louis  by Steve Henry

60 Hikes within 60 Miles: St. Louis Guide Book

by Steve Henry (Menasha Ridge Press)
60 Hikes within 60 Miles St Louis  by Steve Henry
Mention St. Louis, and most people think of the famous arch. Residents and knowledgeable visitors appreciate the many outdoor recreational opportunities the Gateway to the West has to offer. With new hikes and updated text and maps, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: St. Louis points hikers to the best outdoor trails and rambles within easy reach of the city. Whether walking in the footsteps of Louis and Clark, exploring amazing rock formation in the Pickle Springs Natural Area, or trekking along a portion of the longest rails-to-trails paths in the United States, hikers are sure to be amazed at the diversity of outdoor experiences awaiting them.

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Trails from the "60 Hikes within 60 Miles: St. Louis" Guide Book
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Enjoy lush bottomlands and riverside vistas as you explore the Meramec River Valley on the Al Foster and Stinging Nettle trails. Then give the kids a ride on the Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific miniature railroad at the western trailhead. Nestled against suburban St. Louis, Babler State Park is perfect for early-morning trail runs before your workday begins and ideal for evening get-away hikes to unwind from a stressful day.
Eureka, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.4
Amidon Memorial Conservation Area’s Cedar Glade Trail takes you to the only pink-granite shut-ins in Missouri, then crosses glade restorations with expansive views. The Cedar Glade Trail at Amidon Memorial Conservation Area is a short one, but what it lacks in distance, it more than makes up for in scenic beauty and historical interest.
Fredericktown, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
Busch Conservation Area, a diverse landscape with easy trails that explore a wide variety of habitats, is an excellent hiking destination for novice hikers and families introducing young children to nature’s wonders. The Fallen Oak Trail is paved and wheelchair/stroller accessible, but one bridge will require a one-step lift on each end. Pets must be on a leash. Do not remove flowers, vegetation, or artifacts.
Weldon Spring, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.3
Nestled against suburban St. Louis, Babler State Park is perfect for early-morning trail runs before your workday begins and ideal for evening getaway hikes to unwind from a stressful day.
Chesterfield, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 17.5
The top of Bell Mountain, one of Missouri’s highest peaks, is in Missouri’s third largest wilderness area. There are incredible vistas from an expansive glade on Bell’s summit. And in this rugged, seldom-visited wildland, you’ll likely have the whole mountain to yourself.
Black, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 12
The Berryman, a National Recreation Trail, follows breezy ridges, wanders through deep, cool hollows strewn with wildflowers, and splashes across intermittent streams. With campgrounds and a couple of springs that make ideal backcountry camps, this long path is a great two-tofourday backpack route. Numerous forest road crossings let you break it into shorter chunks for excellent day hiking.
Shirley, MO - Hiking,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 24
At Broemmelsiek Park, one of St. Charles County’s new and beautifully developed recreational gems, you’ll wander through a pleasant blend of shady woods and hilltop prairies with expansive views.
New Melle, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
Buford Mountain is a wild, unknown gem in southeast Missouri. It’s a wonderful hike along forested ridges and rocky glades scattered along the 3-mile summit ridge of Buford Mountain.
Belleview, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 10
While exploring Castlewood State Park’s trails, you’ll hike through lush, flower-decorated bottomlands, admire panoramic views from bluffs towering above the Meramec River, and wander past the ruins of abandoned resorts that once graced this riverside landscape.
Twin Oaks, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 11
The Chubb Trail and its companion paths offer everything a good hike should have— from challenging climbs and descents, from windy ridges and cool, calm hollows to easy meanders next to the Meramec River, where you’ll spot lots of wildlife.
Eureka, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 7
At Columbia Bottom, you can hike to the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, just downstream from the site of Lewis and Clark’s 1803–04 winter camp.
Saint Louis, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 8
At Columbia Bottom, you can hike to the Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, just downstream from the site of Lewis and Clark's 1803-4 winter camp. Columbia Bottom Conservation Area, purchased in 1997, is one of Missouri's newest conservation areas. Its 4,318 acres nestle into the elbow at the junction of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The confluence of these mighty rivers is located just downstream from the site of Lewis and Clark's 1803-4 winter camp near Wood River, where their party rested and made preparations for their historic two-year adventure. One of the Department of Conservation's goals in managing Columbia Bottoms is restoration of the area to resemble its appearance at the time of Lewis and Clark's journey. A variety of habitats are being developed, including wetlands, marshes, sloughs, river-bottom forest, and bottomland prairie. Scenery: Wetland prairies, riverside forest, views of Mississippi River.
Spanish Lake, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 8
The Lakeshore Trail in Council Bluff Recreation Area is an enthralling ramble along the wooded shores of a deep, blue Ozark lake. Though rugged in places, this trail’s gentle grade makes it a surprisingly easy long hike. And countless relaxing vistas of the lake’s inviting waters bring pleasure with every step.
Belgrade, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 12
Crane Lake is a clear, blue, 100-acre pool nestled in the rugged St. Francois Mountains. You can wander the lakeshore and admire the gorge below the dam on the 5-mile Crane Lake Trail. For more Ozark scenery, hike another 7 miles on the Marble Creek Section of the Ozark Trail, ending with a dip in the swimming hole at Marble Creek Campground.
Sabula, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 5
In Cuivre River State Park’s 6,394 acres of rugged, Ozark-like terrain, you can explore 38 miles of trail. Along the way you’ll see clear streams, springs, bluff overlooks, glades, and patches of tall-grass prairie.
Troy, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 38
Engelmann Woods is a wonderful short hike through deep woods comprising one of Missouri’s few remaining old-growth forests.
Labadie, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
When you think of prairie lands, do you envision low hills and a sea of grass extending to the horizon? Come to Fults Hill and explore a hillside prairie. This place will make you stop to catch your breath—from both steep climbs on the trail and expansive bluff views of the Mississippi River Valley. Fults Hill is definitely not your typical prairie. Don't expect the low swells of central Illinois or northern Missouri prairies in this nature preserve. This is a hillside prairie, and like other hill grasslands in Illinois, it survived only because it was too steep to farm. Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve is more than prairie too. Its diverse landscape includes forest, glades, and steep bluffs. Kidd Lake Marsh Natural Area, directly across Bluff Road from Fults Hill, adds a wetalnd landscape to the mix.
Sunset Hills, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.6
Graham Cave, a deep overhang beneath a massive rock dome, sheltered prehistoric Americans who once hunted along the Loutre River valley. Visit this haunting cavern, then explore the ancients’ old hunting grounds on a network of trails that meander through the park’s rugged hillsides and lush bottomlands.
Danville, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
In its scenic wanderings over the rugged, wooded hills of southwest St. Louis County, the Green Rock Trail introduces you to three of the metro area’s outstanding natural areas— Rockwoods Reservation, Greensfelder County Park, and Rockwoods Range.
Eureka, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 10
If the beautiful mural of Green’s Cave and Bluff at Meramec State Park’s visitor center lights your fire, here’s the first of two unmarked “bushwhack” routes to see it firsthand. Along the way you’ll see a cave, springs, and an abandoned iron smelter. Bring your topo map and compass—and your camera—on this wild hike. Due to overgrowth and ticks, this hike is best done between late October and March.
Sullivan, MO - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.5