Birding Northern California Guide Book

by John Kemper (Falcon Guides)
Birding Northern California  by John Kemper

ISBN: 1560448326

Northern California has recorded a total of 559 birds. Only two entire states have recorded more - Texas (606) and all of California (601). This book leads you to 81 prime birding areas, with 294 individual sites and 102 maps. Seasonal bar graphs are provided for regularly occurring species. A chapter on 'specialty birds' has range maps for 173 species, that both beginning and experienced birders will find of special interest. John Kemper has spent over forty years hiking, backpacking, and birding in California. He has been an educator most of his life, is active in the Audubon Society, and leads local birding field trips.

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Trails from the "Birding Northern California" Guide Book
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... Preview: Alum Rock Park was founded in 1872, and at one time had an indoor swimming pool, mineral baths, a tea garden, restaurant, and dance pavilion, all served by a railroad from San Jose. The dance pavilion ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
San Jose, CA - Birding
... Preview: The American River Parkway extends 30 miles along the American River from Folsom Lake to Discovery Park, where the American joins the Sacramento River. (Less than half the parkway is included here.) I ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Sacramento, CA - Birding
... Preview: Annadel State Park has 35 miles of trails in a 5,000-acre “wilderness at your doorstep” on the eastern edge of populous Santa Rosa. It is a delightful place, with mature forest on the north-facing slo ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Santa Rosa, CA - Birding
... Preview: The Humboldt Bay region is one of the prime birding areas of the state. The Arcata Marsh Project is famous both for the excellent wildlife habitat that was created here, and for the variety of birds t ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Arcata, CA - Birding
... Preview: Success Lake was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has extensive recreational development. The main focus is on fishing and waterfowl hunting, but the riparian area just below the da ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Porterville, CA - Birding
... Preview: Jellys Ferry Road doesn’t have much traffic, and passes through oak savanna, crossing the Sacramento River several times. In spring the countryside is green and lush, but by late May the hills become ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Anderson, CA - Birding
... Preview: Benicia State Recreation Area sits where the flow from the Sacramento–San Joaquin river system meets the incoming tides from San Pablo Bay. The sheltered Southampton Bay adjoins the strait, and provid ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Vallejo, CA - Birding
... Preview: The Big Sur Coast virtually stands on end, and the highway is precariously hacked into the cliffs. The road is narrow and winding in places, permitting an average speed of only 25 miles per hour or so ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Big Sur, CA - Birding
... Preview: Bobelaine is 430 acres of riparian forest, owned by the National Audubon Society and managed by the Sacramento Audubon Society. Signs warn against the possibility that limbs from trees killed in the 1 ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Yuba City, CA - Birding
... Preview: From a birder’s point of view, there is hardly any other place where such a variety of birds can be seen (mostly in winter), and at reasonably close range. On weekends and during vacation periods, the ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Bodega Bay, CA - Birding
... Preview: Butte Valley is a large valley lying at an elevation of about 4,200 feet. Much of the valley is occupied by Meiss Lake, which has been heavily diked and altered to create farmland and seasonal wetland ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Weed, CA - Birding
... Preview: Carson Pass (8,574 feet) offers access to beautiful subalpine country. As a result, it is extremely popular, partly because it is a trailhead for the Mokelumne Wilderness. This part of the Sierra cres ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
South Lake Tahoe, CA - Birding
... Preview: Caswell Memorial State Park is a genuine riparian jungle. The overstory consists of huge valley oaks and cottonwoods, festooned with grapevines. The understory is a thicket of brambles, wild rose, and ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Manteca, CA - Birding
... Preview: Bidwell Park is a huge city park of 3,600 acres, extending along Big Chico Creek for 10 miles from the heart of the city of Chico into the foothills. It has traditional city park areas, swimming beach ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Chico, CA - Birding
... Preview: Clear Lake is the largest body of fresh water lying entirely within California. It is heavily used for boating and fishing, and virtually its entire shore is lined with homes and resorts. It has a mil ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Lakeport, CA - Birding - Trail Length:
... Preview: The Cosumnes River Preserve contains nearly 10,000 acres, and is owned by a group of organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management, and Ducks Unlimited. Much of the preser ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Stockton, CA - Birding
... Preview: The Crescent City area has a great variety of habitats in a fairly compact region. There are offshore rookeries, rocky headlands, mixed conifer forests, sandy flats, lagoons, a protected harbor with a ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Crescent City, CA - Birding
... Preview: Crystal Basin is an attractive area. About half of the basin is in private hands, a legacy of railroad-building days. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (known familiarly as SMUD) has three reservo ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Placerville, CA - Birding
... Preview: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR has been classified as a Globally Important Bird Area because of its California Clapper Rails, Western Snowy Plovers, Northern Shovelers (winter), Ruddy Ducks (winter ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Palo Alto, CA - Birding
... Preview: Most people have heard of the tragedy of the Donner party of 1846, and probably know that they camped near Donner Lake. They had been delayed by controversy and bad luck, and when they tried to cross ... From the guidebook "Birding Northern California"
Truckee, CA - Birding - Trail Length:

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