Rails To Trails: New York Guide Book

by Craig Della Penna & Tom Sexton (The Globe Pequot Press)
Rails To Trails New York  by Craig Della Penna & Tom Sexton

ISBN: 0762704500

This is your comprehensive guide to walking, jogging, skating and biking New York's rail-trail system. Inside you'll find: 39 of the region's most popular rural and urban rail-trails; full trail profiles, including length, access points, and surface type; detailed trail maps; availability of parking, rest rooms, and places to stay and eat along the trail.

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Trails from the "Rails To Trails: New York" Guide Book
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... Preview: Most of the trails in this book are either former railroad corridors or canal towpaths. The Bronx River Pathway is an exception. It lies in the corridor with, and alongside, the first automobile “park ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
White Plains, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 11.55
... Preview: The trail passes several marshes, most notably the almost 900-acre Queen Catharine Marsh Wildlife Management Area—an important stop for many species of migratory birds. Geologically, the valley is imp ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Millport, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 12
... Preview: The Catskill Mountains were formed by two moving forces: the glaciers of the Ice Age and the railroad. The first moved slowly over many millennia, the second required little more than a century, and b ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Stamford, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 19
... Preview: The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LV) was one of the “Anthracite Roads.” This was an informal group of railroads in the East that specialized in the transport of the black gold known as anthracite coal. The ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Martville, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 14.1
... Preview: Completed in 1828, the Delaware & Hudson Canal was the first million-dollar private enterprise in America. During its seventy years of active duty, it was the main economic artery for the Northeast. I ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Wurtsboro, NY - Cross-Country Skiing,Fishing,Horseback Riding,Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 90
... Preview: The western section of the Erie Canal Trail is the most complete, and it also offers the best services for bike tourists. It passes through an interesting mix of rural countryside, small villages, and ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Rochester, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 85
... Preview: This trail is reminiscent of many found in the Midwest, especially in its rural and agricultural setting, and in the number of other defunct rail lines in the vicinity. The number of railroads in this ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Scottsville, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 23.7
... Preview: Glens Falls is a community that ties into the memories of many people who lived through World War II. In 1944 Life magazine sent a team of photographers to this community for a multi-month series titl ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Glens Falls, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 9
... Preview: In describing this route, Dutchess County executive Bill Steinhaus noted, “In addition to the enjoyment of local residents, the rail-trail has truly become a recreational resource of regional importan ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Millerton, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 11
... Preview: This trail is a testament to perseverance and dedication. Built through five towns and paralleling the beautiful Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, it’s one of the most interesting and diverse trails you’ll ev ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Schenectady, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 36.5
... Preview: This trail features a number of innovative etched-metal signs placed in strategic areas that point out interesting historical features and anecdotes. After the Civil War, the nation saw a boom in the ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Graham, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 19.82
... Preview: Of course many trails (and not just rail-trails) provide a connection between communities. But when you come upon a trail that has been in the ground for more than 150 years of continuous use—well, th ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Tarrytown, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 26.3
... Preview: One of the best features at the beginning of this trail is the very interesting signage about the history of the canal. Be sure to read it before getting under way, as it will help make your journey m ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Canastoga, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 35.5
... Preview: For the most part the trail is protected on both sides by trees, shrubs, and, in some places, dense undergrowth; you’ll pass through an occasional woodlot as well. There’s a lovely view from the trest ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Orleans, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 23.1
... Preview: Chartered in 1832, the Erie Railroad was one of the earlier railroads in the country. It originated at Piermont on the Hudson River, close to the spot where the present-day Tappan Zee Bridge lands on ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Greycourt, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 10.5
... Preview: This trail is part of the old New York Ontario & Western Railroad (O&W), which was a rambling rural operation noted for having three main sources of revenue: coal, milk, and people. One look at a syst ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Central Square, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 24.9
... Preview: With all the grain mills (and, yes, distilleries also), this quaint village of Penn Yan has an interesting and storied past. Today residents realize just how lucky they are to have the rail-trail righ ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Penn Yan, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 7.5
... Preview: Here is one of the few opportunities to travel an abandoned railroad/canal and actually return to your car without seeing the same thing! This short trail is a pleasure for that reason and many more. ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Pittsford, NY - Cross-Country Skiing,Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 4
... Preview: The Thousand Island region of New York is a special treat that belongs on everyone’s must-visit list. The main community of this extraordinary area is Clayton. Located on the St. Lawrence River (the b ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Theresa, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 14
... Preview: This trail features a series of etched-metal signs that present the rail-road history of the old Putnam line. In the 1920s the trolley tracks crossed the Putnam line at Tarrytown Road, where passenger ... From the guidebook "Rails To Trails: New York"
Ardsley, NY - Rail-Trails - Trail Length: 6.29