Day and Overnight Hikes along Kentuckyand39;s Sheltowee Trace National Scenic Trail  by Johnny Molloy

Day & Overnight Hikes along Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace National Scenic Trail Guide Book

by Johnny Molloy (Menasha Ridge Press)
Day and Overnight Hikes along Kentuckyand39;s Sheltowee Trace National Scenic Trail  by Johnny Molloy
The master path of the great Bluegrass State, the Sheltowee Trace graces 282 miles of Kentucky hills and hollows. This path was the 100th designated federal national recreation trail and is named in honor of Daniel Boone. Hikers who tread this trail will travel from the trail’s southern terminus in Tennessee’s Pickett State Park, north through the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and on through the length of the Daniel Boone National Forest nearly to the state of Ohio. Complete with detailed maps, elevation profiles, and directions to trailheads, this book is the ultimate resource for hikers. Each trail profile provides valuable information such as trail length, condition, difficulty, scenery, and trail descriptions. Whether it’s a day hike along the Cumberland River, an overnight hike on the Yahoo Falls Loop, or an all-out assault on the entire 282 miles, hikers will need and appreciate the first-hand information gathered and presented by Molloy.

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Trails from the "Day & Overnight Hikes along Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace National Scenic Trail" Guide Book
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This Sheltowee Trace walk starts in a little-visited segment of the Daniel Boone National Forest. It leaves the community of Arvel, near the old Arvel post office, and takes an old dirt road before coming to a foot trail. From here, it descends from dry oak woodland into a moist valley where the Trace looks out on Alcorn Branch Falls, a low-flow drop that few folks ever see. This is a short walk suitable for most everyone. Todd Grocery, a true old-time country store at the trailhead, is worth a visit if it is open.
Irvine, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.6
Bark Camp Creek is one of the most scenic watersheds in Kentucky. There is no single feature that stands out, rather it has a constant evolving beauty that will leave you satisfied every challenging step of the way. This trek follows Bark Camp downstream, sometimes in wooded flats, sometimes below cliff lines, and other times atop bluffs overlooking the flowing water below. The lower portion of the creek has many sliding cascades and tiered falls, collectively known as the Bark Camp Creek Cascades. The Trace crosses Bark Camp Creek and enters the Cumberland River Gorge, where wildflowers grow rampant in spring, to reach Bark Camp Creek shelter, one of only three trail shelters along the entire 282-mile Sheltowee Trace. On the walk back, you are sure to see something you missed on the way down. Be apprised that this hike has lots of ups and downs, though they are never overly steep or long. Outstanding Features: Rock shelters, Bark Camp Creek Cascades, swimming hole, wildflowers, and trail shelter
Williamsburg, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.8
On this hike, the Sheltowee Trace winds along the spine of narrow, wooded ridges, over knobs and down to gaps, while the land slopes steeply with the watersheds that drain these northern Kentucky highlands. A hardwood forest cloaks the ridges, but there are enough breaks between the trees to avail views of Cave Run Lake below. This hike ends at a level trail junction that makes for a good relaxing spot. This is where the Trace meets the Big Limestone Trail. Outstanding Features: Lake views, and well maintained lakeside path
Salt Lick, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.3
This loop explores the lesser-visited side of Cumberland Falls State Park and the adjoining eponymous Kentucky nature preserve. Leave KY 90 and head up the Blue Bend Loop Trail onto a quiet ridgeline where earlier Kentuckians once lived. Follow the ridge to reach Blue Bend, a major turn in the Cumberland River. Join the Sheltowee Trace and begin heading downstream along the mighty Cumberland, with its powerful flow and noisy shoals. Numerous rockhouses, boulders, and waterfalls are protected by the nature preserve in this wooded river corridor. Big hemlocks shade the trail as it winds on its way to meet KY 90 at Gatliff Bridge. A short road walk up KY 90 completes the loop. Outstanding Features: Kentucky nature preserve, old homesite, and Cumberland River Gorge.
Corbin, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
This overnight loop circles a wide area of the Daniel Boone National Forest near Cave Run Lake, traveling over ridges and along small clear streams in valleys that have a deep woods aura to them. The backpack leaves Clear Creek Lake on the Sheltowee Trace, then joins the Buck Creek Trail, where it enters the Pioneer Weapons Wildlife Management Area. This 7,480-acre area, established in 1962, is set aside for hunters using primitive weapons such as a muzzle-loading rifle or a bow. Hunting is allowed only seasonally, so you can easily avoid those times if you choose. For hunt dates, contact the Morehead District office at (606) 784-6428. The hike travels down the pretty Buck Creek Valley, where you will spend your first night, before climbing to Tater Knob and a restored historic fire tower with superlative views. A little ridge leads into Big Cave Run and a climb leads out of this creek and back down to Trough Lick Branch, another deep-woods valley and the second nights camp. Rejoin the Sheltowee Trace and head south along a wooded spiney ridge dotted with views to complete the loop. Your first day is easy and short, but be apprised that this loop has many ups and downs, though they are never too long. Outstanding Features: Old homesite, Tater Knob fire tower, 360-degree views, and clear streams
Salt Lick, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 9
This loop curves alongthe northwestern shore of Cave Run Lake. Starting near Cave Run Lake Dam, the Sheltowee Trace leaves Stoney Cove Recreation Area, an Army Corps of Engineers locale, and heads south to soon meet the Caney Trail. This path curves and winds along the shores of Cave Run Lake, offering extensive lake views before it turns up the Caney Creek embayment, where more views await. From here, it rejoins the Sheltowee Trace and winds over low hills that stand between quiet creeks and returns to Stoney Cove. Late fall is a good time to hike this trail, as views open up and the trail is very dry. You will be sharing the treadway with mountain bikers and horses. Outstanding Features: Cave Run Lake, and views
Salt Lick, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.1
This destination seems to be forgotten by Sheltowee Trace users. It doesnt even have an official name. Where the Trace crosses FS 906, the northbound trail tread is much more used by hikers heading to Furnace Arch (a worthy destination also included in this book) than the southbound track heading toward the view of Carrington Rock and environs. This easy-to-reach overlook offers westward and eastward views. The nearest visible feature is Carrington Rock, with the ridges and valleys of northern Kentucky beyond it. Outstanding Features: View of Carrington Rock, and solitude
Salt Lick, KY - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 3.2
This overnight end-to-end traverses a spiny section of the Sheltowee Trace. Here, the Trace traverses high ridges with scenic views, including what could be the farthest-reaching view of the entire Trace, from atop Furnace Arch. Descend from the ridge to make Clear Creek Recreation Area. This locale has a campground with potable water, a fishing lake, a picnic area, and the remains of an historic iron furnace. Leave Clear Creek and resume ridge walking far above Cave Run Lake in stately oak woods before reaching this pretty impoundment nestled in the hills that rise forth from the wide Ohio River plain. Finally, the Trace crosses Cave Run Lake Dam to end the hike at the Morehead Ranger District Visitor Center on the lakes most northern shore. Your daily mileages are evenly distributed. However, if you want a short first day, take the option of walking just 0.3miles to a campsite. Outstanding Features: Furnace Arch, Cave Run Lake, and views
Salt Lick, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 15
This is one of my favorite walks in the Red River Gorge. There is no single feature to see, rather I enjoy the ever-changing yet constant beauty of the water and the land upon which it flows. Begin walking along the Red River to meet the Sheltowee Trace. Cross the Red River on a suspension bridge, entering the Chimney Top Creek Valley, one of the most attractive watersheds in the state. Take your time here and enjoy the subtleties of a different side of the Red River Gorge. This walk ends at a pleasant shaded flat near the confluence of Chimney Top Creek and Right Fork Chimney Top Creek. Others will be enjoying this trail with you. Outstanding Features: Red River, wooden suspension bridge, and crystalline stream
Campton, KY - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 4.4
This overnight loop traverses the south side of the Red River Gorge. Start on the Koomer Ridge Trail, visiting Hidden Arch, then dip into the Right Fork Chimney Top Creek watershed and spend here your first night. Next, head west along Buck Ridge to join the Sheltowee Trace. Shortly, leave the Trace and visit Grays Arch. From the arch, undulate back eastward in and out of watersheds to rejoin the Trace, which leads to lower Right Fork Chimney Top Creek, where you spend your second night. From here, make a steep climb to Koomer Ridge, then stroll along this ridgeline to complete your loop. The waterside campsites feature hemlock woods and a clear stream. The trail mileages each day are not long, but do involve multiple ups and downs. Outstanding Features: Hidden Arch, Grays Arch, views, and Chimney Top Creek
Campton, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 10.7
This Sheltowee Trace trek leaves Corner Ridge and the northern side of the Clifty Wilderness. The path follows an old roadbed on a gentle grade down to a pleasant flat along Gladie Creek. The walking is easy and the scenery improves as you head downhill. Gladie Creek is a crystalline waterway that offers an alluring pool where it meets the Trace. Outstanding Features: Gladie Creek, and Clifty Wilderness
Campton, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.8
On this hike, the Sheltowee Trace heads north along the mighty Cumberland River to see Kentuckys most powerful falls roar over a sandstone ledge, then meanders through a boulder garden of state-designated wild river beauty in the Cumberland River Gorge. The Trace leaves Cumberland Falls State Park to enter the Daniel Boone National Forest and reach Dog Slaughter Falls. Outstanding Features: Cumberland Falls, Cumberland River Gorge, and Dog Slaughter Falls
Corbin, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.4
This end-to-end Trace backpack heads north into the Cumberland River gorge through a beautiful boulder garden protected by the waterways Kentucky wild river designation. The Trace then enters the Daniel Boone National Forest. Rockhouses galore are scattered in the valley and side streams have cut gorges worth exploring. The river slackens to flow into Lake Cumberland. The Trace subsequently leaves the Cumberland River Valley and heads east over to Laurel River Lake, a pretty impoundment with ultraclear water. Here, the well-groomed Trace curves along coves and bays of the lake through pine-oak-hickory woods on an easy grade. Outstanding Features: Cumberland Falls, Cumberland State Wild River, Dog Slaughter Falls, and Star Creek Falls
Corbin, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 14.4
This loop hike travels wildflower-rich bottomland along the Cumberland River, with waterfalls and rock overhangs on one side and the wide, rolling river on the other. Leave the river and travel through seldom-trod ridgelines, passing Bald Knob to gain far-reaching views before dropping back into the river gorge. Head upstream bypassing enormous boulders, big rapids, and Eagle Creek Falls, then end the loop back at the busy Cumberland Falls parking area. Outstanding Features: Wildflowers, Bald Knob fire tower, views, Eagle Creek Falls, and Cumberland Falls
Corbin, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.3
This out-and-back follows the very beginning of the entire Sheltowee Trace in Pickett State Park. Within one mile, the Trace passes a waterfall, an arch, and a rockhouse overhang to make its way through the Hidden Passage, the namesake of the path with which the Sheltowee Trace shares treadway along Thompson Creek. The scenery continues with a walk along a cliff line above the creek that offers rocky vistas and culminates with the sight of Double Falls. Outstanding Features: Arch, waterfalls, and Hidden Passage
Jamestown, TN - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.8
This hike has perhaps the best vista on the entire Sheltowee Trace. Here, the trail leaves pleasant Clear Creek Valley and climbs to a north—south running ridge. Your first view will be looking down on Clear Creek Lake. From there, wind southward among hardwoods to make Furnace Arch. You can not only view the arch, and walk beneath it, but also walk up to the top and gaze into the Ohio Valley flatlands beyond. Outstanding Features: Classic arch, views from atop arch, and ridge walking
Salt Lick, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 6
This is a valley-and-ridge loop hike on the Sheltowee Trace. Start atop Peters Mountain and descend into the Marks Branch Valley, where Marks Branch Falls tumbles from a sandstone bluff into a rock caldron. Make 17 fords to reach a field before the Trace joins the Gobblers Arch Trail. This path ascends steeply, then comes alongside a magnificent fortress-like wall of rock before breaching the bluff to walk atop its edge and provide an open vista from the gorge rim. Complete the hike with a trip to (and through) Gobblers Arch, yet another rock feature of Daniel Boone National Forest. Outstanding Features: Marks Branch Falls, Gobblers Arch, and rock bluff overlook.
Onedia, TN - Hiking,Horseback Riding,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 5.7
This loop hike has a lot of ups and downs, literally. Leave the Grays Arch trailhead and enjoy some views before coming to the massive stone feature for which this loop is named. Grays Arch is one of the biggest draws in the Red River Gorge, and deservedly so. The arch is in an alcove where water falls from a ledge, massive boulders lie still among the rhododendron, and rock shelters look out on the scenery. Beyond the arch, this loop picks up the Rough Trail and drops into King Branch, only to climb out and descend again to Rush Branch. Climb from Rush Branch to meet the Sheltowee Trace, which will take you back to the trailhead. Outstanding Features: Grays Arch, King Branch, rockhouses, views, and waterfall.
Campton, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.2
This Sheltowee Trace hike leads down to a streamside environment where nature has been left to thrive. In superlatively attractive Hawk Creek Valley, myriad rock formations stand out among a rich forest and pretty stream, which the Trace spans on a suspension bridge. A waterfall is within earshot of the suspension bridge, and a nearby flat makes for a good picnic spot. Outstanding Features: Wooden suspension bridge, rock shelters, and waterfall
London, KY - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.4
This loop is laden with sights——waterfalls, rock arches, overhangs, and the Hidden Passage, the namesake of the path with which the Sheltowee Trace shares treadway. Views are plentiful along the cliff line above Thompson Creek. The return trip travels over a small arch. Leave TN 154 and begin the Sheltowee Trace, which shares the trail with the Hidden Passage Trail. Mountain laurel crowds the path, marked with the Sheltowee Trace turtle-shaped blaze and green-diamond blazes for the Hidden Passage Trail. Descend along the stream, where white pines and Fraser magnolias grow tall amid downed shortleaf pines felled by pine beetles in the late 1990s. Outstanding Features: Arches, waterfalls, Thompson Overlook, and Hidden Passage
Jamestown, TN - Hiking - Trail Length: 7.4