Birding Montana Guide Book

by Terry McEneaney (Falcon Guides)
Birding Montana  by Terry McEneaney

ISBN: 1560442328

Montana's 388 species of birds offer an avian treasure as bountiful and varied as their habitats in this vast state. This guide tours all the best birding sites from the west slope of the Rocky Mountains to the eastern prairies, including Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. Written by Terry McEneaney, the staff ornithologist for Yellowstone National Park and one of the most respected birders in Montana, this useful and comprehensive guide is loaded with information on Montana specialties, migration paths, and seasonal availability. Complementing the text are listings for birding organizations and what services are available along birding routes. Whether you are planning a weekend outing or a birding tour through the entire state, Birding Montana is an indispensable companion that has all the essentials for a successful birding trip.

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Trails from the "Birding Montana" Guide Book
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... Preview: The Beartooth Highway (U.S. 212), from Cooke City to Red Lodge, traverses from Montana into Wyoming and back into Montana, crossing some of the highest and most spectacular country in the Big Sky stat ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Red Lodge, MT - Birding
... Preview: Benton Lake is an amazing wetland surrounded by gentle hills of shortgrass prairie, and acts as a magnet for birdlife. Because the marsh is a natural prairie pothole, water levels are dependent on mel ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Great Falls, MT - Birding
... Preview: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area consists of three components: the seventy-one-mile reservoir created when Yellowtail Dam was constructed at Fort Smith, Montana, in 1964; the canyon; and the ro ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Fort Smith, MT - Birding
... Preview: The Billings area abounds with Indian history, beautiful scenery, good fishing, and excellent birding opportunities. General Information: Billings is called the “Magic City” because of its phenomenal ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Billings, MT - Birding
... Preview: Any birding trip on the Blackfeet Reservation begins in Browning. In town look for House Sparrow and Black-billed Magpie. Also stop in at the Museum of the Plains Indian, open from June through Septem ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Browning, MT - Birding
... Preview: Bowdoin’s 15,500 acres provide excellent habitat for waterfowl, colonial nesting birds, and shortgrass prairie birdlife. More than 236 species of birds have been seen here. Bowdoin is situated on the ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Malta, MT - Birding
... Preview: The rivers, forests, foothills, mountains, and rolling grasslands around Bozeman offer an array of birdwatching opportunities. General Information: The city of Bozeman is named after John Bozeman, the ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Bozeman, MT - Birding
... Preview: The birding here, so near the divide, can be very unpredictable. The area is good for waterfowl, especially in the spring, but fall waterfowl watching is often complicated by waterfowl hunting and wea ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Butte, MT - Birding
... Preview: Fort Peck is an excellent place to watch birds, especially from late April through May, and from November through early January. Habitats vary from the wide open water of Fort Peck Reservoir and its i ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Glasgow, MT - Birding
... Preview: The CMR Wildlife Refuge was named for the famous Montana cowboy artist Charlie Russell, who captured on canvas the beauty and drama of the Montana plains, western tradition, early inhabitants, and Mon ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Zortman, MT - Birding
... Preview: Dillon was named for Sydney Dillon, president of the Union Pacific Railroad, who was instrumental in establishing the railroad line from Ogden, Utah, to Butte, Montana. The name “Beaverhead” aptly des ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Dillon, MT - Birding
... Preview: Birding in the southeast corner of Montana can be exciting. However, travelers should bear in mind that the region is sparsely populated and there are few paved roads. General Information: Alzada, loc ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Ekalaka, MT - Birding
... Preview: Habitats here include large cottonwoods with a variety of understory shrubs, backwater sloughs, oxbows, islands of riparian vegetation, and an active braided reach of the Yellowstone River. Species li ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Sidney, MT - Birding
... Preview: Although the actual location of old Fort Union is in present-day North Dakota 500 feet east of the Montana line, it was once a part of the original Montana Territory and played a significant role in t ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Culbertson, MT - Birding
... Preview: Fortine, twelve miles south of Eureka, was named for Octave Fortine, an early settler here. Eureka is nine miles south of the British Columbia boundary in northwest Montana. The town was first named D ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Fortine, MT - Birding
... Preview: Freezout Lake (including Priest Lake) is one of the best birding areas in Montana. The lake is included in a 12,000-acre wildlife management area operated by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife a ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Choteau, MT - Birding
... Preview: The birdlife of Yellowstone is highly underrated. Although bird concentrations are not extraordinary, the quality of birdlife is. General Information: A trip through Gardiner is not complete unless on ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Gardiner, MT - Birding
... Preview: The east side of the park features less forested, more abrupt terrain, with an elevation gain of 5,925 feet from the lowest point (4,541 ft) to the highest point (10,466-foot Mount Cleveland). Here th ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
East Glacier Park, MT - Birding
... Preview: The west side of Glacier is typically forested, gradually sloping terrain with an elevation gain of 7,032 feet from the lowest point (at 3,110 feet) to the highest point (10,142-foot Mount Stimson). S ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
West Glacier, MT - Birding
... Preview: Giant Springs State Park is a good place to start birding when in Great Falls. From 10th Ave south, follow River Road east and turn north on Giant Springs Road. The park-like lawns and tall trees bord ... From the guidebook "Birding Montana"
Great Falls, MT - Birding

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