Striper Hot Spots Guide Book

by Frank Daignault (Falcon Guides)
Striper Hot Spots  by Frank Daignault

ISBN: 1564409945

This popular guide will help eager anglers find the best surf-casting spots in the northeast from Maine to New Jersey. Included are general fishing tips and local contact numbers for each location, with special emphasis on hot spots that boast flyfishing success and a list of 10 common surf-casting errors, along with notes on beach access, and requirements for oversand vehicles. Daignault is a highly sought-after, well-respected writer and lecturer. Twenty years a fishing and outdoors writer, he regularly contributes to Salt Water Sportsman, Field and Stream, Fishing World, and Sports Afield.

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Trails from the "Striper Hot Spots" Guide Book
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... Preview: Just 17 miles east of Montauk and 12 miles south of Rhode Island, Block Island has only recently come into its own as an attractive, or at least well-known, surfcasting spot. During the late seventies ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Block Island, RI - Fishing
... Preview: At just under 8 miles long, and averaging 600 feet wide, the Cape Cod Canal, which was planned to accommodate vessels drafting less than 30 feet, offers more productive striper spots for its area than ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
East Falmouth, MA - Fishing
... Preview: Private ownership of the shoreline reduces Connecticut’s attractiveness as a shore fishing location. Indeed, nearly all the spots listed here are within the bounds of state parks. No doubt there is ex ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Bridgeport, CT - Fishing
... Preview: Maine already has more shore fishing that it can use, though the activity is not concentrated on the more southern coasts, as the forthcoming listing might imply. Maine’s bountiful resources are furth ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Portland, ME - Fishing
... Preview: Of the offshore islands of consequence, each can lay claim to a certain unique quality: Block Island is largely undiscovered; Nantucket is the most charming; the Vineyard celebrates surfcasting with t ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Edgartown, MA - Fishing
... Preview: As the geographic center of the Striper Coast, Massachusetts leads the list of striper states by any measurement you choose. It offers the highest level of striper fishing, because it is most suitably ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Boston, MA - Fishing
... Preview: The tendency to group the offshore islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard is without basis. All similarity ends after addressing the fact that they are both islands. Nantucket is more distinctive, ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Nantucket, MA - Fishing
... Preview: Gamefish observe no political boundaries and thus are blissfully unaware that the short, 20-mile coastline they forage between Massachusetts and Maine belongs to New Hampshire. This segment of the Str ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Portsmouth, NH - Fishing
... Preview: Lest I be accused of spending more time in the examination of Jersey’s people than its fishing, I must note that I was struck by a number of that state’s geographical features. It is, above all, a pla ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Atlantic City, NJ - Fishing
... Preview: No doubt the greatest concentration of rabid surfcasters on the planet is in New York City. Their presence in an urban environment of that size indicates that opportunities for practice of their craft ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
New York, NY - Fishing
... Preview: It might sound great on paper to read that this little state has a 400-mile coastline, but that is another one of those nook-and-cranny measurements. The truth is that the Ocean State can be divided i ... From the guidebook "Striper Hot Spots"
Providence, RI - Fishing
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