Fly Fishing New Mexico Guide Book

by Taylor Streit (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks)
Fly Fishing New Mexico  by Taylor Streit

ISBN: 1892469049

The first fly fishing guide to cover the entire region! The state's top 20 waters: The San Juan, Cimarron, Gila, Chama, Rio Grand, mountain lakes and more. Learn all about the popular and secluded fly fishing waters of this wide open angling paradise. Author Taylor Streit is the #1 New Mexico guide with over 27 years experience in the state. Detailed flies and illustrations, two color hand drawn maps annotated by the author and area information. Great for trip planning.

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Trails from the "Fly Fishing New Mexico" Guide Book
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... Preview: Though seldom wider than 20', the Cimarron takes up a big space in the New Mexico fly fishing scene. It’s a very popular tailwater fishery swarming with fat brown trout. It also fishes best when most ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Eagle Nest, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Costilla Creek is a marvelous, high-elevation tailwater fishery that drains the huge Vermejo Ranch. Predominantly a cutthroat fishery, the 20' wide stream passes through stunning scenery. Although a l ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Costilla, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Like the nearby Taos and Red River areas, this drainage has three totally different streams. The Pueblo is highly accessible, heavily used, and stocked. The Santa Barbara is in the high country, requi ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Penasco, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Just north and west from the Gila River (separate eTrail) is another good area for remote fishing opportunities. To avoid confusion we call it Gila “West.”In an ever-shrinking natural world, a growing ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Glenwood, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: There are better places to catch bigger trout. This is about getting way back in a perfect world and then going fly fishing—alone! With 3.3 million acres of national forest, nearly a third of it wilde ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Silver City, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Fly fishing in northern New Mexico’s high country offers an experience to cast a fly amidst snow-capped peaks, some over 13,000 feet in elevation. Numerous small lakes nestled among the peaks present ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Cowles, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If one too many turquoise coyotes have howled at you in the streets of Santa Fe, put some classical music on, drive north and east through Los Alamos, and go up into the Jemez. This gorgeous country, ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Cuba, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Jicarilla Lakes are on the huge Jicarilla Apache Reservation west of Chama NM. The million-acre reservation is famous for its big game hunting. This is lonely country characterized by sandstone cl ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Dulce, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Here are 10 stillwaters in New Mexico’s 6,000–9,000' elevation range worth exploring with a fly rod. The others are often big, windswept, and not suitable for the light rods and piddly craft we use. A ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Cimarron, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Pecos flows due south out of the gorgeous basin of the Pecos Wilderness. Though only about 45 miles from Santa Fe, this forested watershed is nearly pristine. Trout are plentiful and fly fishing i ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Tererro, NM - Fly-Fishing - Trail Length:
... Preview: The Red River is born peacefully in alpine lakes under New Mexico’s highest mountains. But then, in a mad dash for the Rio Grande, it drops 6,000' in 20 miles, passing first through the town of Red Ri ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Red River, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The tailwaters of the Chama are different in nature from the upper Rio Chama. Running through sandstone canyons and at considerably lower elevation than the upper Chama, they’ll fish fairly well in wi ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Abiquiu, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Rio Chama is the largest tributary to the Rio Grande in New Mexico. It begins in Colorado’s wild San Juan Mountains, then runs into New Mexico through gorgeous, untouched forest. Walk up from the ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Chama, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The New Mexico portion of the Los Pinos is an exceptionally pleasant and easy river to fly fish. Averaging 40' wide, this little gem of a stream has a gentle gradient and is seldom more than waist dee ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
San Miguel, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The upper Rio Grande may be black-belt fly fishing. The lower river has water for every skill level. Despite being along the highway, the lower stretch, from the Taos county line upriver, is fished li ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Taos, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This is fly fishing for the technically advanced, physically fit, and adventurous. If this is not your profile, skim this section, then read “Rio Grande, Lower.”My general division line for the upper ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Questa, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Peñasco is a world-class spring creek tucked away in an obscure corner of southeastern New Mexico—east of Mayhill between the towns of Elk and Hope. At an elevation of 5,500' feet it fishes 365 da ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Artesia, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Like most of northern New Mexico, the area near this water was settled by the Spanish centuries ago. Though as the crow flies it’s not far from the sophisticated streets of Santa Fe, this area is worl ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Vallecitos, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Very cold (42°F) water flows from the dam at huge Navajo Lake. This creates an oasis for wildlife, rainbow trout, and fly fishers in what is an otherwise parched sandstone landscape. This is also home ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Aztec, NM - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Taos is an excellent headquarters for fly fishers visiting New Mexico. One can fly fish all day, return to sophisticated digs in town, have a great meal, and hear happy tales from non-fishing family m ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing New Mexico"
Taos, NM - Fly-Fishing

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