Birding Utah Guide Book

by D. E. McIvor (Falcon Guides)
Birding Utah  by D. E. McIvor

ISBN: 1560446153

An exhaustively researched and clearly written guide to more than 100 birding adventures across the state. Each site description is accompanied by detailed written directions as well as a map to guide you to the best birding, suggestions of the best time of year to find the species you seek, and additional travel tips. Also included are chapters on the state's diverse ecoregions and vegetation communities, which play a key part in the distribution of bird species; a helpful checklist; and bar graphs showing distribution of the 408 species occurring in the state. Whether you favor an hour-long stroll in a city park or a backpacking trip of several days into the wilderness, Birding Utah broadens your bird-finding in the state's varied environments.

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Trails from the "Birding Utah" Guide Book
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... Preview: These small ponds are a great place to look for waterfowl in cold winter months, particularly during the deepest cold snaps when it is often the only open water around. At these times the ponds can be ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Logan, UT - Birding
... Preview: The 7.2-mile-long causeway to Antelope Island provides one of the state’s more unique birding opportunities, including a view in cross section of life on the open lake and acres of waterfowl bobbing o ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Layton, UT - Birding
... Preview: Bald Mountain may be the highest point in the Uintas easily accessed from a major road. At nearly 12,000 feet, the area is open only for a short period each year, and even this brief summer can feel m ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Kamas, UT - Birding
... Preview: As with many of the refuges and wildlife management areas set aside for the enhancement of waterfowl and shorebirds, a large portion of this refuge is off-limits to visitors the majority of the year. ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Paris, ID - Birding
... Preview: In the minds of most, this refuge is the crown jewel of Utah birding. Recognized as part of the Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve Network, the refuge is a critical staging area for millions of bir ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Brigham City, UT - Birding
... Preview: The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recently improved the parking at Benson Bridge with boaters and hunters in mind. You’ll see a parking area with pit toilet facilities and a boat ramp off the no ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Logan, UT - Birding
... Preview: Lying on the edge of a vast, dead-level desert plain that seems to touch the horizon, Blue Lake is the kind of startling oasis that makes you rub your eyes and wait for the sting of mosquito bites bef ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Wendover, UT - Birding
... Preview: This site is a forested greenspace on the campus of Brigham Young University. BYU planted this three-block hillside, and the result is a mixed conifer-deciduous forest that more closely resembles an e ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Provo, UT - Birding
... Preview: Brian Head Peak is known among birders as a reliable place to find some of Utah’s more sought-after high-altitude species. It’s also a place where you can expect to see migrating raptors in fall. Sp ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Parowan, UT - Birding
... Preview: Brown’s Park is an enormous bowl in the Green River Drainage. The sites described here provide good coverage of this remote area straddling the Utah– Colorado border. Starting on the Utah side, the Ja ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Dutch John, UT - Birding
... Preview: Much of Bryce Canyon National Park is a conifer-dominated monoculture, and bird diversity is not one of its selling points. Nonetheless, an attentive birder can see some very interesting species, part ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Tropic, UT - Birding
... Preview: A note in my field book says, “Only one word is necessary to describe this canyon: enchanting.” Nonetheless, I’ll try to expound. Calf Creek Canyon is a narrow gorge bounded by sandstone cliffs. Calf ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Boulder, UT - Birding
... Preview: This small Bureau of Land Management campground with maturing riparian-associated trees lies downstream of a narrow but dense riparian corridor along Tom’s Creek. Birding in the surrounding desert shr ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Wendover, UT - Birding
... Preview: The cemetery is an island of manicured greenspace isolated in a sea of stately old houses. The predominant tree in this landscape of exotic imports is the conifer, but a few deciduous species such as ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Salt Lake City, UT - Birding
... Preview: This is a pleasant hike through a narrow riparian corridor which meanders out of the north end of Salt Lake City. The primary trail is paved and wide enough to accommodate the mix of walkers, joggers, ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Salt Lake City, UT - Birding
... Preview: The great attraction at Clear Lake is the annual spring migration of Snow Geese. Each year this phenomenon takes place during a narrow window of time, usually lasting about three weeks, between the en ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Delta, UT - Birding
... Preview: This birding area focuses on a short but permanent stream draining an extensive pinyon-juniper forest in Utah’s west desert. The stream supports a narrow riparian corridor with a tall canopy of cotton ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Tooele, UT - Birding
... Preview: This birding route involves a hike through true desert terrain to the confluence of Coalpits and Scoggins washes, a one-way distance of 1.8 miles. The trail occasionally descends to touch on short sec ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Springdale, UT - Birding
... Preview: From the south end, the first 12.8 miles of this route pass through sparse desert shrub and along the Paria River, which at this point supports little riparian vegetation. In the bottom of the canyon ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Tropic, UT - Birding - Trail Length:
... Preview: Birding for waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey, and passerines is often highly rewarding in this area. In addition to supporting a diverse community of breeding birds, the area also attracts migrant ... From the guidebook "Birding Utah"
Logan, UT - Birding