Hiking Ohio Guide Book

by Mary Reed (Falcon Guides)
Hiking Ohio  by Mary Reed

ISBN: 0762781785

Hiking Ohio is a comprehensive guide to more than forty of the most scenic foot trails in the Buckeye State. Hike along beaches, over boardwalks, through gorges, past waterfalls, into caves, near wildlife, under forest canopies, and through carpets of wildflowers. Trek along secluded footpaths through Ohio’s virgin forest and keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, beaver, fox, and, in the eastern part of the state, black bear. Whether you are a day-tripper looking for a short day hike or longer distance hiker yearning for an extended backpacking trip, this guidebook has plenty to offer and is an excellent way to see all the state has to offer.

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Trails from the "Hiking Ohio" Guide Book
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... Preview: This 9.5-mile loop trail offers a sampling of the natural, resource, and human history that defines Ohio’s Appalachian region. Start from an old cemetery and walk along ridgetops and in hollows. Pas ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
New Matamoras, OH - Hiking,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 9.3
... Preview: One of the few hikes in Ohio accessible by public transportation, Mount Airy Forest is an oasis of greenspace within the heart of greater Cincinnati. Combine several trails to make a 3.6-mile loop aro ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Cincinnati, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.6
... Preview: It’s said that when Europeans first set foot on North American soil, a squirrel could climb into the forest canopy at the Atlantic Ocean and not touch the ground again until it hit the Mississippi Riv ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Oxford, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.3
... Preview: Blackhand sandstone gets its name from an image of a large hand that was once carved into the sandstone walls of Blackhand Gorge. It’s believed that this hand was engraved by Native Americans as a dir ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Zanesville, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.9
... Preview: Maumee Bay State Park is home to a 2.4-mile boardwalk that takes you through the heart of a marsh ecosystem. Enjoy this fun little loop that weaves through a swamp forest that gradually gives way to a ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Oregon, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.4
... Preview: Upgraded from national recreation area to national park in 2000, Cuyahoga Valley National Park straddles a 22-mile north–south section of the Cuyahoga River between Cleveland and Akron. Tracing a line ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Peninsula, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.7
... Preview: The beautiful 5.4-mile trail system in Lake Katharine Preserve is unparalleled in springtime. Home to the northernmost range of umbrella and bigleaf magnolia trees, it can look as though the forest it ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Jackson, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.4
... Preview: Once you’ve dropped down to your ideal weight from your summer hiking regimen, head over to Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park and hike through trail sections with such names as Fat Man’s Peril, The Squ ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Garrettsville, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.8
... Preview: The 170-acre near-virgin forest is a remnant of the Great Black Swamp, characterized by towering trees 200 to 400 years old, with a few specimens as old as 500 years. Hike around the preserve on a 3-m ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Archbold, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 3
... Preview: Within the 60-mile backpack loop in Shawnee State Forest lies a 7.2-mile loop that’s a perfect day-hike option. Here in the “Little Smokies” of Ohio, ascend steeply to ridgetops of oak-hickory forest ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Portsmouth, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 7.2
... Preview: Take a 3.4-mile out-and-back trail beginning at the earthworks constructed by the prehistoric Hopewell Indians. Follow the earthworks and then descend a forested slope to the Little Miami Scenic Trail ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Lebanon, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.4
... Preview: Slate Run Metro Park is an outstanding example of environmental restoration. Just twenty years ago, most of this park was a cornfield. Today it combines 6.6 miles’ worth of park trails through an oak ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Lithopolis, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.6
... Preview: Caesar Creek State Park’s 50-plus miles of developed hiking, mountain biking, and bridle trails make it difficult to choose just one route. More than 50 miles of developed trails circle 10,000-acre Ca ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Waynesville, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 6
... Preview: Fort Hill is the site of an ancient stone-and-earth embankment that encloses the top of the hill and was likely built by the prehistoric Hopewell Indians. But for a nature lover, this is a secondary a ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Hillsboro, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.5
... Preview: Glen Helen is Antioch College’s very own land laboratory. Like nearby Clifton Gorge, the glen was created by glacial meltwaters 10,000 years ago. When you hike along this portion of the Little Miami S ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Yellow Springs, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 4.4
... Preview: Begin walking the 5 miles from Old Man’s Cave to Ash Cave and it won’t take long to see why this is one of the state’s most popular trails. Descend into Old Man’s Creek Gorge and walk by rock features ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Logan, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 10.6
... Preview: You don’t have to go back to school to make the most of Miami University’s campus. This walk in the woods is literally within walking distance of uptown Oxford, and part of the campus’s “greenbelt.” A ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Oxford, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.8
... Preview: Make a 9.3-mile lollipop to explore many of the main attractions at Mohican State Park. The centerpiece of Mohican State Park is the Clear Fork of the Mohican River, which runs through a gorge more th ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Loudonville, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 9.3
... Preview: As you drive southeast from Columbus on US 33, the flat landscape is abruptly interrupted by short but steep ridges and hollows. This topographic change marks where the last glacier ended—where Midwes ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Lancaster, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 3
... Preview: Hinckley Reservation is one of the best known in the Cleveland Metroparks system. The reservation gets its fifteen minutes of fame every year with the return of the buzzards. For locals, its 25 miles ... From the guidebook "Hiking Ohio"
Brunswick, OH - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.7