Camping Montana Guide Book

by Kenneth L. Graham (Falcon Guides)
Camping Montana  by Kenneth L. Graham

ISBN: 0762710780

Fresh mountain air, the soughing of pine trees, and the tantalizing aroma of sizzling trout. These are some of the allure of camping in Montana. And this is the book that will blaze a camper's trail to more than 300 public campgrounds accessible by vehicle from Missoula to Miles City and everywhere in between. Whether toting a two-man tent or driving a 30-foot-long "tin tepee," outdoor enthusiasts are sure to find the perfect spot in which to kick back and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of this unspoiled state.

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Trails from the "Camping Montana" Guide Book
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... Preview: Most, if not all, of the campgrounds in this section are located in rugged mountain terrain. Camping is allowed at fishing accesses, however, the accesses are not all included in this section. The key ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Billings, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: This is a popular area with easier access and more modern conveniences. Campgrounds range from open-air flatlands along river bottoms to well-shaded units tucked away under a massive mountain. Rafting ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Bozeman, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: History permeates Butte and its environs, which has no shortage of relics. Gold first brought miners into this rich location, but copper soon topped the list. There is still gold and some copper here, ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Butte, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Sagebrush covers most of the ground in this countryside, and snowcapped mountains define the boundary between open flats and rolling, forested ridges. Those who wish can collect gem-quality quartz cry ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Dillon, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: The Great Falls of the Missouri River stopped riverboats from going any farther upstream. Lewis and Clark visited the site on their historic trip and got to see it before the desire for electricity da ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Great Falls, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Helena inhabits prairie, reservoir, recreation areas, high mountain seclusion, and every other type of landscape in between. Historic ghost towns and ancient log cabins defiantly battle the elements, ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Helena, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Glacier National Park offers mountain majesty beyond imagination. Along with the glaciers, for which the park is named, all the other amenities of mountain life are abundantly present. Grizzly bears a ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Kalispell, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Libby is the land of wide rivers and huge cedar trees. Rainfall tends to be more plentiful in this broad valley with thickly forested mountains defining the boundary. Easily accessible campgrounds suc ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Libby, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: The campgrounds in the Livingston area tend to be located on forgotten or unknown territory. The gravel roads accessing these gems don’t seem to be maintained very often. Such conditions tend to disco ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Livingston, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Pine-forested hills and mystical badlands await the adventuresome. Past fires have badly scarred a great deal of the area, but several gems still nestle in the shadows. People seem to have forgotten t ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Miles City, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Missoula by far offers the greatest number of campgrounds for the area included. Most are found in heavily forested mountain valleys with clear-running, ice-cold mountain streams adjacent. Access road ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Missoula, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: A whole series of lakes nestles into this extra long valley. Snowcapped mountains stand guard on both sides, providing the observant traveler with changing panoramic views. The numerous lakes and a la ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Seeley Lake, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Visitors from the Northwest will likely consider this the primary entrance for Yellowstone National Park. Snowcapped mountains, forested plateaus, and sagebrush flats mix into the whole for changing s ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
West Yellowstone, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Wolf Point digs in deep in the northeastern portion of Montana. Typically not many visit this windswept prairie—at least not for the scenic views. Water sports and hunting attract the majority of peop ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Wolf Point, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
... Preview: Camping in Yellowstone National Park can become a test of nerves for the unprepared. Each year the number of visitors grows, putting an even greater strain on the available camping. The increasing siz ... From the guidebook "Camping Montana"
Gardiner, MT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
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