100 Classic Hikes Washington  by Craig Romano

100 Classic Hikes Washington Guide Book

by Craig Romano (The Mountaineers Books)
100 Classic Hikes Washington  by Craig Romano
Sun-kissed hills and waves of wildflowers. Turquoise-blue glacial lakes, burbling brooks, and thundering waterfalls. Expansive views from towering lookouts and mountain summits. Scampering whistling pigs, twittering songbirds, or a chance at seeing some larger fauna. You name what you want in a dream hike—and you’ll likely find it in this entirely new edition of the legendary guidebook, 100 Classic Hikes: Washington.

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Trails from the "100 Classic Hikes Washington" Guide Book
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Abercrombie and its lofty neighbors form an impressive green wall above the Columbia and Pend Oreille rivers. Just one lousy foot is all that keeps this impressive peak from being Eastern Washington’s highest summit. That honor goes to nearby Gypsy Peak. Still, this summit is impressive—the views are grand, the meadows resplendent. And Abercrombie is a lot easier to get to than Gypsy.
Colville, WA - Hiking,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 7.4
Hike through meadows of purple and gold blossoms, forest patches of stunted pines, and talus slopes of volcanic rock to one of the prettiest alpine meadows south of Mount Rainier. Admire resplendent wildflowers growing among gurgling snowmelt creeks. Watch for marmots and goats. And stand in awe, staring at the second-largest glacier in the continental United States.
Randle, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.4
One of the region’s newest parks and trail systems, Badger Mountain is an oasis of natural habitat in an area rapidly being paved over and converted to agricultural uses. Take to Badger’s excellent trail network and traverse this wild?ower-carpeted prominent peak above the sprawling Tri-Cities, and marvel at horizon-spanning views, from the sun-baked Hanford Reach to snowy Cascadian volcanoes.
Richland, WA - Hiking,Horseback Riding,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 5.9
Hike through a recent burn and ancient forest along a lonely ridge to a lofty former lookout site on the eastern edge of the Goat Rocks crest. Marvel at snowy bookend volcanoes Mounts Adams and Rainier. And admire up close the serrated and glacier-clutching remnants of a massive ancient volcano that once rivaled Washington’s highest peaks. Via the Section 3 Lake trailhead, this hike is only 7 miles roundtrip and 1200 feet of elevation gain. But the roads getting there are extremely rough, warranting high clearance and four-wheel drive.
Naches, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 11
An elongated peak that’s radiant in color when its copious wildflowers bloom, Benchmark contains some of the Central Cascades’ most supreme alpine meadows. Yet surprisingly, this high point on West Cady Ridge sees light usage. The only things better than the flowers are the views.
Skykomish, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 14.4
Set in a large cirque in the rugged Monte Cristo peaks and fed by the Columbia Glacier and icy snowfields clinging to steep, stark slopes, Blanca’s location is as dramatic as any in the Cascade mountains. But what really strikes all who toil up the steep trail to this marvel is its cobalt-blue water, its sheen and tone constantly changing, depending upon the amount and angle of sunlight coming in contact with it.
Gold Bar, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 8.4
When it comes to resplendent alpine meadows, the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness can’t be beat. And when it comes to ?ower romps within the wild area named for the longtime senator and champion of conservation, Cady Ridge ranks supreme. A multitude of blossoms proliferate along this mile-high ridge. But it’s the lupines that dominate—transforming Cady into a purple mountain majesty. Views are magni?cent too, from the inspiring Poet Peaks to snow-and ice-harboring, horizon-dominating Glacier Peak.
Leavenworth, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 13
Soak up stunning nonstop views of river, mountain, and valley from one of the most prominent landmarks in the Columbia River Gorge. Thanks to a dedicated group of conservationists and trail advocates, you can round Cape Horn, gingerly strolling along precipitous ledges, languidly wandering across hilltop pastures, weaving up and over oak-cloaked basalt cliffs, frequently pausing to admire one of the ?nest natural landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. Then begin climbing, passing a map box advocates, you can round Cape Horn, gingerly and switchbacking up an increasingly steep strolling along precipitous ledges, languidly ridge. Bear left at a junction. Now under a tunnel wandering across hilltop pastures, weaving up of greenery, parallel a gravel road.
Washougal, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 7.6
One of the most scenic, accessible, and—not surprisingly—popular high-country romps in the North Cascades takes you from the base of a formidable wall of jagged, icy summits to a high pass dividing the Cascade and Stehekin river watersheds. Once used by Native Americans, explorers, prospectors, and surveyors to reach Lake Chelan, this well-traveled, relatively low pass was once considered by railroad and highway engineers. The railroad never came, and the highway went north: now this area is protected as wilderness within North Cascades National Park.
Marblemount, WA - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 12 miles
A touch of Utah in the Northwest! Follow an old ranch road to a weathered corral in an oak grove beneath an impressive natural arch. Then wander through pines and fields home to meadow-larks, returning along an open ledge that bursts with blossoms in springtime. A Columbia River Gorge classic—there’s plenty more to explore in this area if your wanderlust gets the best of you.
Lyle, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.3
Hike around the barren, snowy slopes of mesa-like Table Mountain to a chain of a half-dozen of the prettiest alpine lakes in the North Cascades. Traverse shiny talus slopes, ancient forest groves, succulent berry patches, and windswept ridges—all with breathtaking views of frosty bookend giants Mounts Baker and Shuksan. Folks in epic numbers have been descending upon Heather Meadows since the 1920s when the Mount Baker Highway made its way here.
Deming, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 7.3
Situated between Mounts Rainier and Adams, the Goat Rocks are the remnants of a large ancient volcano. Immortalized in the writings of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, the Goat Rocks Wilderness encompasses more than 100,000 acres of glacier-clinging craggy peaks, expansive alpine lawns exploding with wild?owers, and ribbons of sparkling, cascading, snow-fed creeks. Goats are legion here—hikers and horseback riders, too. Snowgrass Flat is one of the most beautiful and consequently popular spots in Washington’s South Cascades.
Packwood, WA - Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 14.2
It’s a tough and exhilarating hike up steep, ?owered slopes and through a natural rock arch to this anvil-shaped peak within the 1980 blast zone. But the views are among the best in the monument. From this old ?re lookout, stare straight down to sparkling St. Helens Lake ringed with Christmas trees in a high bowl above sprawling Spirit Lake—all set against the country’s most famous volcano.
Cougar, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 12.8
Hike through miles of towering old-growth forest before clambering up a prominent peak on the western edge of the Olympic Mountains. From an aerie summit hovering more than 4000 feet above the saturated Quinault Valley, stare down upon sprawling rain forest and shimmering Lake Quinault.
Quinault, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 14.6
Roam along one of the loneliest high-ridge trails in Washington, across alpine meadows and subalpine forest, savoring views of the rugged Selkirk Mountains and deep Pend Oreille Valley. Or head off trail over steep, grassy knolls and talus slopes to the highest summit in Eastern Washington, admiring a rugged scene of stark cliffs and sparkling tarns in hidden basins. Both hikes start from the same point just outside the Salmo-Priest Wilderness, a wedge of wildlands in the extreme northeastern corner of the state that protects more than 41,000 acres of some of the most ecologically important alpine country east of the Cascades.
Metaline Falls, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 8-14.4 miles
Cutthroat Pass straddles the demarcation zone between the wet western and the dry eastern slopes of the Cascades. Easily meander to this broad saddle via the Paci?c Crest Trail (PCT), a 2600-mile National Scenic Trail following the Sierra and Cascade crests from the Mexican to the Canadian border. Veteran PCT hikers rank this section of trail from Rainy Pass to the Pasayten Wilderness among its most scenic stretches. Embrace an alpine world ?ush in wild?owers, larches, and stark, craggy, gold-hued mountains spiraling toward the heavens.
Marblemount, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 10
There is nothing desolate about this peak. Au contraire, mon frère (et ma soeur)! Desolation is alive in color—shrouded in dazzling alpine flowers during the summer bloom. And the view? C’est magnifique! Stand mouth agape, staring down at the cobalt waters of fjord-like Ross Lake (created in the 1930s by damming the Skagit River to power Seattle) cradled beneath glacier-covered, cloud-snagging peaks.
Marblemount, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 11.6
Hike across rugged ancient lava ?ows, glacial moraine, and pumice ?elds within the shadow of Washington’s second-highest mountain. On this route along Adam’s northern reaches, savor solitude. Unlike Mounts Rainier, Hood, and St. Helens, Mount Adams has no trail completely circling it; a network of trails traverse the mountain’s southern, western, and northern slopes—but not its eastern ones across Yakama Nation lands.
Randle, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 18.6
The most spectacular hike on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, Dog Mountain offers much to bark about. Straddling the transition zone between swirling clouds and golden rays of sunshine, Dog presents a beautiful perspective of the multifaceted Gorge. The view straight down to the river and over the cone of Wind Mountain is breathtaking. And you’ll ?nd the most stunning ?oral show within the Gorge sprawled across this riverside peak’s sun-kissed meadows. But there’s a hitch. The way is steep, making this a dog of a hike.
Cook, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 7.3
This hike begins on Cypress Island. Stand upon a grassy, rocky high knob on the largest relatively undeveloped San Juan island, and embrace one of the archipelago’s finest views. Gaze out to majestic Mount Constitution and Lummi Peak, the loftiest summits in the island chain. And admire the deep, unbroken forests and unscathed hills of Cypress Island before you—a view Captain Vancouver would recognize. More than 5100 acres of 5500-acre Cypress are protected as a natural resources conservation area and natural area preserve by the Washington Department of Natural Resources.
Anacortes, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.8