Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island AMCand39;s Canoe and Kayak Guide, 3rd Edition  by Alex Wilson & John Hayes

Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: AMC's Canoe and Kayak Guide, 3rd Edition Guide Book

by Alex Wilson & John Hayes (Appalachian Mountain Club Books)
Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island AMCand39;s Canoe and Kayak Guide, 3rd Edition  by Alex Wilson & John Hayes
AMC's fully updated Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island is everything a recreational paddler could ask for in a regional guide. With an all-new layout and design, this easy-to-use guide will help paddlers of all skill levels discover 100 of the best flatwater lake and river trips in southern New England. This edition now features an “At-a-Glance” quick trip planner, GPS coordinates to parking locations, improved maps, and new resources for trip planning and safety information. Quiet Water will appeal to local residents of the region as well as introduce visitors and tourists to new adventures.

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Trails from the "Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: AMC's Canoe and Kayak Guide, 3rd Edition" Guide Book
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Ashland Reservoir offers a few hours of pleasant paddling along wooded shorelines over deep, clear water. The scenic shoreline harbors many tree species, with white pine and red oak in plentiful supply. Expect to see ducks and cormorant, along with other bird species. Ashland Reservoir, popular with canoers and kayakers, provides a great spot for a quiet morning or afternoon paddle. With a largely undeveloped shoreline, a 10MPH for limit for motors, and attractive woods surrounding the reservoir, Ashland offers some of the best lake paddling within the I-495 loop.
Ashland, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
This slow-flowing section of the Assabet River flows through an extensive marshland with inlets, islands, and multiple channels to explore. Look for typical wetland species, especially great blue heron; we saw many fishing here, along with lots of other wetland birds. While you're here, you can bike or hike the former Boston and Maine Railroad railway bed. The Assabet River Rail Trail hopes to acquire the remaining sections to complete the 12-mile Acton to Marlborough trail.
Maynard, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
This is a great place for fishermen and for paddlers who don’t mind weaving their way though a stump-filled reservoir. The wooded hillsides and scattered islands lend a scenic beauty. Look for great blue heron prowling the west-end marshes. Assabet Reservoir, locally known as Mill Pond and also called the A-1 Site, just a few miles from busy Route 9 in Westborough, provides a wonderful place to paddle. Thousands of closely spaced tree stumps, left over from the creation of this flood-control reservoir in 1969, keep out most motorboats and make paddling here somewhat of a challenge.
Westborough, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 333
Babcock Pond lies wholly within the 1,500-acre Babcock Pond WMA. Best paddling is in the spring because mats of aquatic vegetation take over the surface in summer. Look for wood duck and other waterfowl,and muskrat.
Colchester, CT - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
The Bantam River represents one of the preeminent paddling resources in western Connecticut. Flowing through a 4,000-acre nature preserve protected by the White Memorial Foundation, it’s a great place to see wildlife. You will see osprey and should see beaver in the evening. Deer come to the water to drink, and many bird species occur along the shore and in the woods. You might see bald eagles here as well.
Litchfield, CT - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
Beaver Brook is a heavily vegetated haven for wildlife, surrounded by suburban Westford. Expect to see cattail, pickerelweed, smartweed, and the usual assemblage of marshland birds. We saw an otter here, and you should see beaver at dusk.
Littleton, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 3
Highly productive Belleville Pond boasts good fishing and great waterfowl habitat. We’ve watched fishermen pull sizable bass out of the pond, and during fall migration, we’ve seen many species of waterfowl. Marshy islands on the north end provide plenty of opportunity for exploration. Belleville Pond boasts some of the best inland marsh habitat that we've seen. Waterfowl abound, and its shoreline provides hours of quiet exploration. The shallow water, highly productive biologically, supports the waterfowl populations, which draw in hunters in the fall.
North Kingstown, RI - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
Big River flows north on an imperceptible current through a broad marsh rich with wildlife. Look for deer, great blue heron, osprey, muskrat, and beaver. Many species of aquatic plants fill the water column, making for slow paddling outside the main channel.
Coventry, RI - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 2.3
Paddling is slow-going on this weed-choked pond. We saw an otter family here; you could see muskrat and beaver. Canada goose and wood duck both nest here. We watched crows mob a great horned owl.
Andover, CT - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
This is a rare trip where you can paddle in a loop: downstream on a river and then upstream on a canal. In addition to historic sights, you will see great blue heron, kingfisher, and osprey, along with myriad wetland plant species. You can also hike or bike the historic towpath.
Northbridge, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 4
These small mountain ponds are a great place to paddle when the surrounding valley floors suffer from summer heat. They lie within the Savoy Mountain State Forest, the best place to look for moose in Massachusetts.
Savoy, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
Bowdish Reservoir is a recreation destination, with camping, bicycling, hiking, and paddling available. The reservoir has some development and suffers from road noise, but an unusual plant assemblage graces some floating islands. Plants here include black spruce, Atlantic white cedar, leatherleaf, bog laurel, bog rosemary, and more. Bowdish Reservoir does not exclude wilderness, but it offers a great place to get some exercise in your boat or on foot or bicycle.
Glocester, RI - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
This small, shallow urban pond is a bird-watching paradise. Expect to see osprey, mute swan, Canada goose, wood duck, great blue heron, spotted sandpiper, catbird, cardinal, goldfinch, and more.
Barrington, RI - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
Buckley Dunton Lake, because of its higher elevation, is a good place to paddle when the lowlands get hot. Surrounding Berkshire hillsides lend a scenic quality, with high tree-species diversity. Mountain laurel blooms in profusion in June, and large patches of blueberry ripen in August.
Becket, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
The narrow Bungay River undulates through what is reputed to be the most important red maple swamp in Massachusetts. Look for Atlantic white cedar, royal fern, buttonbush, and painted turtles. Watch out for poison ivy. Trees reach out over the water, lending a closed-in, protected feeling. The section included here courses for 8 miles, which could easily require a full day to paddle, especially if you explore side channels and hidden coves and stop for a picnic lunch.
Attleboro, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 2
Families come here to paddle, to hike or bike, or to enjoy the beach at Burr Pond State Park. Paddling south along the eastern shore, you willpass the park facilities, including picnic tables nestled in the woods, a sandy swimming beach, restrooms, and a concession stand. Many boulders lurk just beneath the surface, waiting to add to their accumulated layers of paint. Large slabs of rock extend out into the water in places, providing sunny picnic or rest spots. A couple of very nice islands beg to be explored. Except on sunny weekends, you should be able to get away from most of the activity, especially early in the morning. Expect to see: scenic forested hillsides, shrubby shoreline.
Torrington, CT - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
This salt marsh is a birder’s paradise, especially during shorebird migration in August. More than 300 bird species have been observed here. The area is off-limits to motors until September 1, making for delightful paddling in the extensive channels that crisscross the marsh. Paddle here near high tide.
Milford, CT - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
The upper Charles River carves a narrow, undulating path through generally wooded shores, proffering up solitude and beauty. You should see muskrats and myriad bird species. If you’re quiet, you may see deer in the early morning or evening.
Dover, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 13.4
Nickerson State Park— one of the largest state parks in Massachusetts, with more than 1,900 acres and 420 campsites draws in many hikers, bikers, and paddlers. If you avoid the peak summer season, you’ll find very pleasant paddling and about the best camping on the Cape. The park’s dozen or so shallow kettle ponds formed approximately 12,000 years ago when large chunks of buried ice melted as glaciers receded. Because significant streams do not feed most kettle ponds, their levels fluctuate seasonally. Three of these ponds— Cliff, Little Cliff, and Flax— provide the best paddling. Expect to see: woodland bird and flower species, recreation enthusiasts.
Brewster, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing
Paddling this section of the historic Concord River, although not a wilderness experience, transports us back to the time of Emerson and Thoreau. This slow-flowing river can be paddled in both directions. Look for orioles and lots of other bird species in the tall trees lining the river.
Bedford, MA - Flatwater Kayaking & Canoeing