East Bay Bike Trails  by Conrad Boisvert

East Bay Bike Trails Guide Book

by Conrad Boisvert (Penngrove Publications)
East Bay Bike Trails  by Conrad Boisvert
Stretching from the Carquinez Strait in the north to Fremont in the south, and from Brentwood and Livermore to San Francisco Bay, the East Bay offers recreational cyclists a spectacular choice of routes and terrains. This newly updated guide's comprehensive list of destinations include the heavily wooded hills above Oakland and Berkeley; orchards and farms around Brentwood; eerie windmills in Livermore; the wetlands around Newark; Danville’s dramatic Mt. Diablo; and more. Each ride contains detailed maps, directions with mile markers, elevation profiles, historical background, and points of interest. Now in its second edition.

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Trails from the "East Bay Bike Trails" Guide Book
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Central Park, a large recreational area in central Fremont, is the starting point for the ride. Leading out of the park through quiet residential neighborhoods, the route takes you past Shinn Historic Park, site of the restored Victorian home of James Shinn, an early California pioneer. Built in 1876, the home is today open to the public and furnished with period pieces, including some mementos of the Shinn family. After crossing Alameda Creek, you head back toward Fremont along Alameda Creek Regional Trail, which you share with pedestrians and runners. Bikes must yield to others at all times.
Fremont, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 18
With a route that follows about 14 miles of trails, this ride covers most of Anthony Chabot Regional Park, located near San Leandro. Beginning at the marina on the lake, the route initially follows along the shoreline. After crossing a narrow bridge where you need to walk your bike, a dirt trail begins. A steep climb leads away from the lake and heads into the more remote sections of the park. The route then follows through some camping areas along the crest of the hills and descends back down into Grass Valley and onto Grass Valley Trail, the main trail leading through the center of the park. Passing through Grass Valley along the Brandon Trail, you will often find grazing cattle. A short climb at the end of Grass Valley is followed by a descent to a paved path leading back to Lake Chabot. There is usually plenty of activity at this end of the park, since the lake and its diversions attract families with children. While there are lots of hills to climb, the trails are generally wide and smooth. Livestock may be present but they are usually quite passive and offer no threat.
San Leandro, CA - Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 14
Encompassing nearly 5000 acres, the park is home to many other recreational activities, such as camping, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. This ride follows a route completely around the park along mostly rural roads, with the exception of the section in San Leandro. Starting at the entrance to the Lake Chabot Marina, the route leads along the hills overlooking the lake and then down into San Leandro. After a short stretch along busy city streets, a long sustained climb along Golf Links Drive, Grass Valley Road and Skyline Boulevard takes you to the high point, 1160 feet above sea level, and to some spectacular views of the East Bay cities below.
San Leandro, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 25
It’s not every day you get a chance to do a bike ride around an extinct volcano, but the roads leading around Mount Diablo offer just that. Rising to an elevation of 3,849 feet, Mount Diablo dominates the East Bay as it looks down upon an ever-expanding human population.
Alamo, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 52
This ride follows a relatively short loop completely encircling the park. In the beginning climb of about 500 feet in elevation gain along Skyline Boulevard, spectacular views of the cities and San Francisco Bay to the west are revealed. Along Skyline Boulevard are several entrances for Redwood Regional Park, leading to hiking trails which you may want to explore before continuing your ride. Skyline Gate is especially good for this, since outstanding views of the park can be reached after only a short walk along the trails. Just after Skyline Gate, the route follows Pinehurst Road on the far side of the park. From Pinehurst Road, after the Canyon Road intersection, views of Upper San Leandro Reservoir can be seen as you slowly climb and then descend. The return along Redwood Road is another challenging climb that will lead you back to the starting point at Skyline Boulevard.
Piedmont, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 14
The lush and heavily forested Berkeley Hills contrast sharply with the grassy oak-covered hills around Lafayette and make this set of rides one of the most interesting in the East Bay. Energetic students from U.C. Berkeley mingle with established career people on weekends to make the roads along these routes some of the most popular among avid local cyclists. Hill climbs in both directions will provide plenty of challenge for even the most aggressive riders.
Berkeley, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 27
Beautiful ranches along Diablo Road, the lush country clubs at Diablo and Blackhawk, and the specter of mighty Mount Diablo rising in the east punctuate this easy ride in the East Bay. The route takes you east out of town along Diablo Road, heading directly toward Mount Diablo, the "Devil Mountain." As you ride along the tree-lined road past horse stables and ranches, look for the well-marked turn for Diablo Country Club. Take a short side-trip down this road and visit the grounds of this exclusive playground for well-heeled locals.
Danville, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 12
Starting in the agricultural town of Brentwood, the route takes you east along quiet country roads through orchards and past farms to Byron Highway. Sunset Road, Eden Plains Road and Delta Road continue through the rural region and follow along the railroad tracks before the route heads west along Lone Tree Way, with its recently constructed residential housing developments.
Brentwood, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 32
This ride consists of a general tour of Briones Park, following the crests high above and around the park whenever possible. Stunning views of the distant countryside in all directions add to the grandeur of this energetic ride. Grass and oak covered slopes, heavily forested canyons, and an occasional meadow give the cyclist a general flavor of the park and add to the temptation to further explore the many other trails in a later visit.
Lafayette, CA - Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 10
Beginning in Fremont, the route leads north along Mission Boulevard and cuts across to Niles Canyon Road through quiet residential areas. Niles Canyon Road is narrow and very busy, so it is important to be very careful and to always ride as far to the right as possible. Just past the tiny town of Sunol, after crossing under the freeway, remote Calaveras Road begins. Traffic will be light as this road takes you into isolated areas very different from the heavily populated cities of the East Bay. As the road climbs over a long and steady grade, sweeping views of the Sunol Regional wilderness come into view with its dramatic rock formations at the top of the hills across the valley. As you ride along the crest for about 3 miles, Calaveras Reservoir is visible below.
Fremont, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 38
Charming Pleasanton is the start of this pair of rides over quiet country roads north of town. Site of the landmark Pleasanton Hotel and historic Kottinger's Barn, Pleasanton also is home to the Pleasanton Cheese Factory and numerous restaurants and shops. The countryside along each of these routes is dominated by farms and ranches, with the hillsides punctuated with trees and grazing livestock. springtime is best, when the hills are green with fresh growth and the scent of wildflowers fills the crisp, clean air.
Pleasanton, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 25
Beginning at Heather Farms Park, this ride first follows Briones - Mt. Diablo Trail south along the canal and then loops back to the Contra Costa Canal Trail. The trail ends at Willow Pass Road, where surface streets through central Concord connect tot he other end of the trail in Pleasant Hill along Chilpancingo Parkway for the return back to Heather Farms.
Walnut Creek, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 19
This route takes you into the park and immediately heads south along the shore of the bay toward the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, where you can get off your bike and explore the wetlands and tour the informative visitor center there. Back at Coyote Hills, the rout leads north along Bayview Trail and then out into the bay along the Alameda Creek Regional Trail. Riding along the Shoreline Trail past the salt ponds, you can experience the magnificence of ht bay while you view the Dumbarton Bridge in the distance. The return to the park puts you again on the Bayview Trail as it follows the shoreline. Through the marshes and past the Indian Mount Archaeological Site, you return to the parking lot.
Newark, CA - Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 15
Administered by the East Bay Regional Park District and stretching from Lafayette to Moraga, this trail leads through residential neighborhoods but surprisingly retains the natural feel of a much more remote area. From the staging area on Pleasant Hill Road, the trail passes through Lafayette and then roughly follows parallel to St. Mary's Road. After crossing St. Mary's Road, a gradual climb leads to the crest of the hill at the St. Mary's Road, a gradual climb leads to the crest of the hill at the St. Mary's College campus, visible off to the left. Just past the college at Moraga Road is a busy park and playground, Moraga Commons, at which public restrooms and water are available. The trail ends at Canyon Road at the Valle Vista Staging Area of EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utilities District). Canyon Road leads back to Moraga Commons for the return back to Lafayette along the trail.
Lafayette, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 15
The pleasant residential towns of Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda, and the rural countryside along Bear Creek Road, highlight this pair of rides, much favored by local cyclists and racing clubs. The presence of Briones Reservoir and Briones Regional Park, both on Bear Creek Road, ensure the encroachment of developers will be minimized into the distant future. Both rides require substantial hill climbing, although the grades are not terribly steep and no one climb is very long.
Lafayette, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 33
The pleasant residential neighborhoods of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and Happy Valley, and the rural countryside along Bear Creek Road, highlight this ride. The route initially leads out of Lafayette toward Moraga along Moraga Road. Moraga Way then leads to Orinda. Past Orinda, the route gets decidedly more rural, as it leads past Briones Reservoir and then past Briones Regional Park, one of the jewels of the East Bay Regional Park District. The return to Lafayette is through Happy Valley, a charming residential area. The early part of the ride follows roads which carry moderate amounts of car traffic over mildly rolling hills. There are two substantial climbs in the latter half of the ride, one along Bear Creek Road and the other along Happy Valley Road.
Lafayette, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 21
This out-and-back ride is very popular with the locals by virtue of its unique character as a country road with almost no traffic. After passing vineyards and farms, and then the turn-off for Del Valle Regional Park, it is quite common to ride for long periods of time without seeing any vehicles. The dramatic geography of the canyon seems out of place when one considers the nearness of the dense population centers of the Bay Area. This ride takes you out 20 miles along Mines Road as it climbs to an elevation of nearly 2500 feet at the Santa Clara County line. The return back to Livermore is nearly all downhill.
Livermore, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 40
Dominating the landscape in the East Bay, Mount Diablo towers to a height of 3,849 feet and can be seen from nearly anywhere in the Bay Area. Easily the largest park in the Bay Area, Mount Diablo State Park offers visitors many miles of trails for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. This ride is located in the western part of the park and is easily accessible near Alamo and Danville. It is an ideal introduction to the park by virtue of the wide variety of terrain and geology along the way and the stunning views of the distant summit above and population centers below. The route follows wide fire roads, often quite steep, with loose gravel in some places. A short single-track section will provide some challenge for intermediate riders. Trails are not always clearly marked, so it is important to follow the directions closely.
Danville, CA - Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 9
Mount Diablo dominates the landscape of the East Bay as its summit towers to an elevation of 3849 feet above sea level. The roads on each side of the mountain are a cyclists delight, carrying little car traffic and exposing backcountry scenery, which belies their proximity to the dense population centers nearby. The hill climbs are challenging and the remoteness is extraordinary. There are 2 rides in this eTrail. One is 28 miles with an option to the Diablo summit and the other is 52 miles and circumnavigates the mountain.
Alamo, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 28
Pleasanton Ridge, rising to an elevation of about 1600 feet, is a dominant feature of the landscape just west of Highway 680 near Pleasanton. Roads, encircling the ridge, pass by golf courses, old railroad tracks, canyon streams, ranches and orchards and provide a favorite route for local cyclists. The old and the new are both represented, with one-room schoolhouses and dilapidated barns located within shouting distance of modern, glass-dominated office buildings.
Dublin, CA - Road Biking - Trail Length: 28