Fly Fishing Nevada Guide Book

by Dave Stanley (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks)
Fly Fishing Nevada  by Dave Stanley

ISBN: 0963725629

This guide gives you a quick, clear understanding of the essential information you'll need to fly fish Nevada and the Northeasern Sierra's most outstanding waters. Why No Nonsense? You won't waste time. In a few moments you'll know how to fly fish the most enjoyable and rewarding waters in this uncrowded, yet to be discovered region. Detailed, hand-drawn maps, annotated by the author show you how to get there and where to fish. Use this guide to plan your Nevada fly fishing trip. Or, take this guide along for ready reference.

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Trails from the "Fly Fishing Nevada" Guide Book
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... Preview: If solitude in mountain splendor is what you like, the East Fork of the Carson is perfect. This stream provides trout anglers with many different experiences (access being one). The narrow, fast-flowi ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Markleeville, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Crittenden possesses clear, relatively shallow water (only 30' deep or so, at the southeast corner by the dam), abundant insect life, and football-shaped trout of which fly fishing dreams are made. Mo ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Montello, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: For still water fly fishers, the Denio Junction area of northern Nevada ranks just this side of heaven. Four scenic reservoirs, Big Spring, Knott Creek, Onion Valley, and Blue Lakes, are located in th ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Denio Junction, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The key to fly fishing Eagle Lake is to hit it when it’s ON. In this condition Eagle rates a 10 on the quality-of-fly-fishing scale. That’s because it’s home to the Eagle Lake rainbow, a strain of the ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Susanville, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Frenchman Lake is a deep manmade impoundment, located about 20 miles west of Davis Lake and approximately seven miles north of the town of Chilcoot, California. This is a good place to try if Davis is ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Chilcoot, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This is probably the best place in the Carson City area to take children or beginning fly anglers and get them into fishing. If you want a fun and beautiful place to spend the day, try Hobart. It’s on ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Carson City, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: While the town of Ely, in eastern Nevada, is best known for its elk herd and incredibly cold temperatures during the winter months, the area offers some exceptional fly fishing opportunities. Illipah ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Ely, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Jackson Meadows, at more than 6,000 feet in elevation, provides a typical picturesque and forested Sierra Nevada mountain lake. An additional benefit is that it’s easy to get to. Located 25 miles nort ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Truckee, CA - Fly-Fishing - Trail Length:
... Preview: There’s nothing quite like fly fishing Lake Davis mid-June through July, when the damsels are out and about. This one-of-a-kind experience gets a perfect 10 rating. During other months of the season, ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Portola, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: At minimum pool, Martis is a basic 70-acre lake built by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control. Then it was selected as the first still water for California’s Wild Trout Program. Since 1979 “n ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Truckee, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Whether you’re after bass or trout, the Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area offers a top-rated opportunity to catch sizable fish with a fly rod. Located just outside Yerington, Nevada, this 13,000-a ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Yerington, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: What angler worth his or her salt has not heard of the ladder fishermen of Pyramid Lake and the trophy-sized cutthroats they cast to? This is the world’s best trophy cutthroat fishery. Many also know ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Nixon, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If you choose not to sample the excellent fly fishing at the Ruby marshes, the natural beauty of the place is reason enough to make the trip. This wonderful wetlands is populated with deer, eagles, he ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Shantytown, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: How often do you have the opportunity to fish a water that gave its name to one of the most productive still water fly patterns in the West? If you take secondary State Route 11 southwest out of Owyhe ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Owyhee, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: South Fork Reservoir deserves a spot on every fly angler’s “must fish” list of Nevada still waters. As of this writing, it’s Nevada’s newest trout fishing reservoir. A little history will help with yo ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Elko, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Located atop Spooner Summit near Lake Tahoe (where Highways 50 and 28 intersect) this 80-acre lake rests in a beautiful mountain meadow. Fed by runoff and small springs, it’s one of the few public wat ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
South Lake Tahoe, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: These three reservoirs, at 5,800 to 6,000 feet in elevation, were built for water storage on the Truckee River drainage system. They offer a more bite-sized alternative to the nearby giant, Lake Tahoe ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Truckee, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Truckee, the largest of the three major rivers in the Reno area, provides year-round fly fishing. Easy access, beautiful canyon scenery, and fiesty wild trout earn the Truckee an easy 8 on the qua ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Verdi, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Easily accessible as it flows alongside the Highway, this section offers serious nymph and streamer anglers opportunities to catch trophy rainbow or brown trout, especially if you avoid the weekend cr ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Gardnerville, NV - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Wild Horse Reservoir has long been a favorite of anglers who have learned to appreciate fly fishing high desert still waters. Once you’re in the far north central part of Nevada, the fishing is easy t ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing Nevada"
Owyhee, NV - Fly-Fishing
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