Fishing Montana Guide Book

by Michael Sample (Falcon Guides)
Fishing Montana  by Michael Sample

ISBN: 1560446862

If Big Sky country ever designates a state passion, it's likely to be fishing. Anglers enjoy an unsurpassed wealth of fishing waters with scenic backdrops that can take your breath away. In Fishing Montana, these waters are the topic of discussion. The voices of some of Montana's foremost fishing guides and fisheries experts speak volumes in these pages. They suggest where to fish, when to fish, and how-the flies and lures that could make the difference between an empty creel and a good day's catch. The names of these rivers and lakes conjure daydreams of clear, cool water and fish rising to take a fly: the Bitterroot, the Blackfoot, the Big Hole, the Madison, the Yellowstone, and more. Fishing Montana has been updated and improved with a user-friendly format which provides details at a glance. Whether you're planning an afternoon or a week of angling adventures under the Big Sky, you'll want to have Fishing Montana along for the trip.

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Trails from the "Fishing Montana" Guide Book
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... Preview: Ackley Lake is a small, 250-acre reservoir on the open plains of central Montana. A water canal from the Judith River feeds the reservoir; therefore, the bottom is generally quite muddy. Because it is ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Hobson, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Ashley Lake, a large, 3,200-acre lake, achieved notoriety in the early 1980s by yielding the state and world record hybrid rainbow-cutthroat trout. In May 1982, Pat Kelly threw a small lure and a nigh ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Kalispell, MT - Fishing
... Preview: The Beaverhead River is among Montana’s premiere big-fish fisheries, supporting a phenomenal population of large trout in its upper reaches. Each year, the Beaverhead rewards skilled anglers with scor ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Dillon, MT - Fishing
... Preview: "If you were going to make trout streams, the Big Hole is what you would use for the model.” So says George Grant, a veteran fisherman of the Big Hole for more than fifty years. He may be prejudiced, ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Divide, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Located southeast of Hardin on Montana Highway 313, Bighorn Lake was created by the construction of Yellowtail Dam near Fort Smith in 1965. The 71-mile lake is in a peaceful setting of steep-sided can ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Hardin, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Prior to 1968, a fishing guide probably would not even mention the Bighorn River, but the building of the Yellowtail Dam created an exceptional tail-water fishery. Today, outdoor writers label it as p ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Hardin, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Rumor has it that Joe Brooks, the celebrated angler, world-wide traveler, and prolific writer, once penned his ten choices for the best trout streams in the world. The Bitterroot was one of the chos ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Stevensville, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Made famous by Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It, the Blackfoot is a national treasure. Winding its way through tall, dark timber in western Montana, the Blackfoot River beckons anglers to over ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Ovando, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Browns Lake is a shallow lake in an open sagebrush area and therefore unique among western Montana’s lakes. Public camping facilities, including toilets and a boat ramp, are available at the south end ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Ovando, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Fifteen miles east of the copper dome of the Montana capitol in Helena lies one of Montana’s most popular fishing holes, 25-mile Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Covering 35,300 acres, this Missouri River rese ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Helena, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Clark Canyon Reservoir is a large, 6,600-acre reservoir that was created by construction of Clark Canyon Dam on the headwaters of the Beaverhead River. Red Rock River to the southeast and Horse Prairi ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Dillon, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Think of the sure-fire titles for best-selling novels about this river: For those who love to cheer for the underdog, The Comeback Story of the 1970s. Romantics will swoon over A Red River Goes Blue, ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Drummond, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Cooney Reservoir is a heavily fished state recreation area. There are two public campgrounds at the reservoir, one on the west side and the other on the east. Besides camping facilities, there are pub ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Boyd, MT - Fishing
... Preview: Deadmans Basin Reservoir is a designated fishing access site. It is a 1,900-acre Musselshell River bottom reservoir that reaches a depth of 64 feet at its deepest point. This is a rather bleak spot, b ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Shawmut, MT - Fishing
... Preview: On the Blackfeet Indian Reservation just east of Glacier National Park, Duck Lake is one of Montana’s most famous lakes for big rainbows. It is popular especially with fly fishers in the summer and ic ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Browning, MT - Fishing
... Preview: All of Montana’s other lakes and reservoirs, natural or man-made, pale in comparison to western Montana’s famed Flathead Lake, called by many the “jewel of the Northwest.” It is the largest natural fr ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Polson, MT - Fishing
... Preview: The Flathead is truly a cosmopolitan river. It flows from a foreign country, Canada, past the Glacier National Park, gathering water from the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wildernesses, passing through ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
West Glacier, MT - Fishing
... Preview: The waters of eastern Montana are often confounding and mystifying to anglers from other states as well as to native Montanans raised near the crystal clear, cold streams west of the Continental Divid ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Glasgow, MT - Fishing
... Preview: As a part of the Milk River system, Fresno Reservoir provides irrigation storage for nearby farmers and recreational opportunities for anglers. Surface area of this northern prairie reservoir is appro ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Havre, MT - Fishing
... Preview: The Gallatin drainage offers a diversity of trout fishing opportunities unmatched by Montana’s other major rivers. The angler working the 40-mile canyon of the Gallatin River can choose among mountain ... From the guidebook "Fishing Montana"
Gallatin Gateway, MT - Fishing