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  • Day Hikes on Kauai 55 Great Hikes  by Robert Stone

    Day Hikes on Kauai: 55 Great Hikes

    by Robert Stone (Day Hike Books)
    Day Hikes on Kauai 55 Great Hikes  by Robert Stone
    This guide describes 55 day hikes with spectacular views on this popular Hawaiian island. Includes Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Kokee State Park, the Wailua River, and many coastal hikes.

    © 2001 Robert Stone/Day Hike Books. All Rights Reserved.

    Trails from the "Day Hikes on Kauai: 55 Great Hikes" Guide Book
    55 Trail Guides

    Hideaway’s Beach (also called Pali Ke Kua) is actually two sandy beach coves separated by a lava rock point. An offshore reef stretches along the coast. These pockets of sand are nestled at the base of the steep forested cliffs in Princeville. This trail is a short and steep descent through the forest with magical views of the cliffs and coastline. The path reaches the west pocket of Hideaway’s Beach beneath the Puu Poa condominiums. Access to the east beach pocket is on a paved path used by guests of the Pali Ke Kua condominiums.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.6
    Sea Lodge Beach is a secluded beach at the base of the steep sea cliffs in Princeville. The small, protected cove is tucked into an indentation at the base of steep green cliffs. The trail winds through a tropical jungle to the sea at Kaweonui Point. Walk 30 yards down Keoniana Road to a long paved driveway on the right. Bear right and head east past the gate on the service road. Walk downhill through the forest, and cross over a seasonal stream to the end of the road at a fenced pump installation. Take the left fork on the footpath along the right side of the stream to a trail split. The right fork leads to an overlook on the bluffs behind the Sea Cliff Hotel.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 1
    This hike is an easy, meandering beach stroll on a narrow, tree-lined ribbon of sand along Anahola Bay. The half-mile stretch is bordered to the north by Kuaehu Point and to the south by Anahola Stream and a lagoon. Near the stream is a picnic area with tables in a shady grove of ironwood and kamani trees. The beach has an extensive offshore reef and is a popular fishing spot for locals. The views extend across Anahola Beach to Kahala Point at the east tip of the bay.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.2
    Anahola Beach is a long, wide sandy beach on the south side of Anahola Bay. The bay, bordered by Kahala Point and Kuaehu Point, lies in a protected cove with a large offshore reef. Anahola Stream flows down from the inland mountains and divides the bay, separating Anahola Beach from Aliomanu Beach. Along the stream are large shallow pools. This beachside path travels through Anahola Beach County Park, a neighborhood park with a flat, grassy camping area in a shady ironwood and hau tree grove. The park has showers, restrooms, picnic tables and barbecues.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.2
    This hike descends to the edge of the sheer cliffs and razor-edged ridges of the Nualolo and Awaawapuhi Valleys. There are inspiring panoramas of the steep, 3000-foot vertical cliffs to the isolated Na Pali coast, accessible only by water. This trail can be combined with the Nualolo Trail for a 9-mile loop hike. The two trails are connected by the Nualolo Cliffs Trail, a 2.2 mile connector trail that follows the rim of Nualolo Valley.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.5
    This loop hike begins at the head of Waimea Canyon and follows a narrow shelf perched on the hillside overlooking the sheer cliffs and multi-colored walls of the canyon. The path traverses the east-facing cliffs through a lush tropical forest of koa, ohia and oak.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
    Upper and Lower Waipoo Falls offer a cool retreat for hikers in Waimea Canyon. Upper Waipoo Falls is fronted by a large swimming pool set in a tropical garden. Lower Waipoo Falls has showering cascades and several small soaking pools. The trail begins at the head of Waimea Canyon and follows the canyon’s north rim past several panoramic overlooks. A short detour on the Cliff Trail offers additional views into the canyon.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.2
    Halemanu, which means “bird house” in Hawaiian, is a popular bird-watching route. The well-groomed trail meanders through a lush native forest dominated with koa, ohia and lehua trees. The trail connects the Halemanu Road with the Mohihi Road.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.4
    Black Pot Beach Park sits at the mouth of the Hanalei River in picture-perfect Hanalei Bay, fringed with palms. The park, bordered by the river to the north and the Pacific to the west, has a wide, grassy camping and picnic area. Towering, fluted cliffs frame a dramatic backdrop along the arch of the semicircular bay. Several long, narrow waterfalls tumble hundreds of feet off the stately mountains. This hike follows the bay along the scenic crescent-shaped strand from the Hanalei River to Waioli Stream.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.5
    This hike is a deep jungle experience in the Hanalei Valley. The trail takes you through tall bamboo forests, across streams and into deep, dense tropical vegetation with overhanging branches, roots and ferns. It leads to the Hanalei River, Kauai’s largest river. White shoes are not recommended.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 3
    The Iliau Nature Loop is a short, self-guided path around a flat clearing on the dry western slope of Waimea Canyon. Several native plant species are identified with name plates. A covered picnic area and several benches are perched on the canyon’s edge for great vistas into Waimea Canyon. Waialae Falls can be seen plunging off the cliffs across the gorge.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.3
    Kaakaaniu Beach, known locally as Larsen’s Beach, is a long, narrow beach between Kulikoa and Ka Lae Amana Points. The secluded beach sits at the base of low rolling hills and is backed by sand dunes with small trees, scrub and walking paths. A gently sloping path leads down from the bluffs to the beach. There are several rustic shacks used by local fisherman. Larsen’s beach is an excellent snorkeling site with clear, shallow water and a wide fringing reef. Walk through the beach access gate, and follow the wide dirt path 200 feet above the ocean. The path curves northwest, gradually descending towards the beach to a trail fork. The right fork drops down to the beach—our return route. Continue straight on the left fork, following the rolling hillsides parallel to the coastline. At 0.6 miles, the path ends at a fenced property line just shy of Pakala Point, a low rocky point. Take an access route to the shoreline, and head back along the sand.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.5
    Kahili Rock Quarry sits along the rugged cliffs of Mokolea Point, part of the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge. The abandoned rock quarry overlooks the crescent-shaped Kilauea Bay from above Kilauea Stream and the blue Pacific. The views extend across the bay, which is rimmed by groves of ironwood trees, to the forested windswept cliffs along the bay’s eastern edge. The hike follows an old rutted road to the ocean to the quarry and an overlook.
    Kilauea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 3
    The Hanakapiai Falls Trail begins two miles up the Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast at Hanakapiai Beach. This side trail leads up Hanakapiai Valley, a steep-walled, stream-fed valley, to a 300-foot cataract and pool in a natural amphitheater. Along the way there are stream crossings and additional swimming pools.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 8
    The Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast is an undeveloped, ancient Hawaiian route accessible only by foot. The 11-mile trail follows the Na Pali Coast along the edge of massive, windswept cliffs to Kalalau Beach. The rugged coastline hike overlooks a series of primeval, emerald green valleys and steep towering cliffs that drop more than 3,000 feet to the turbulent sea. This unforgettable hike covers the first two miles of the trail to Hanakapiai Beach at the mouth of Hanakapiai Valley, the first valley leading to the island’s interior.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 4
    Kalihikai Beach (the same as Anini Beach County Park) is a 12-acre park fronting the beautiful Pacific. It has a tree-lined grassy picnic area with tables, restrooms, showers and barbecue grills. The beach is a popular windsurfing and snorkeling spot with lagoons protected by fringing reefs. At the west end of the Kalihikai Beach (Anini Beach County Park) are the black rock cliffs of Honu Point and Honono Point. Beyond Honono Point is Anini Beach, an undeveloped beach strand that is usually deserted.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
    Kalihiwai Bay is a deep water bay with a wide crescent of sand. The bay is rimmed by shady groves of ironwood trees and picnic tables. The sheer rock lava cliffs of Ka Lae O Kowali on the west and the towering sea cliffs of Kapukaamoi Point on the east border each side of the protected bay. The Kalihiwai River flows out of the interior valley, crossing the center of the pristine bay en route to the sea. At the mouth of the river is a large, shallow lagoon. From the parking area, walk along the beach to the left (west) on the firm sand. The path leads to the wide mouth of the Kalihiwai River at the southern end of the picturesque bay. Across the river are magnificent views of the lush forested hillsides. Return to the right along the wide, curved pocket of the bay parallel to the ironwood trees on the backshore. The beach strand ends at the base of black lava rock formations extending out to sea.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 1
    The Kaluapuhi Trail (also called the Plum Grove Trail) follows a wide, flat grassy path through a beautiful forest of ohia, guava, plum, ginger and blackberries. The trail travels through the intimate surroundings of a pastoral garden on its way to Kalalau Lookout, a 4,000-foot vista point. The panoramic views from the lookout extend down the fluted green cliffs and knife-edged ridges of the Kalalau Valley to the Na Pali coastline.
    Waimea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.2
    Kauapea Beach, known locally as Secret Beach, is a long secluded stretch of golden sand at the base of the sheer cliffs just west of Kilauea Point. It is unofficially a clothing optional beach. From the beach are great views of the Kilauea Lighthouse and the island of Mokuaeae, a sanctuary for thousands of nesting and migratory birds. The access is down a ravine through a tropical forest with palms and hanging vines to the base of the cliffs.
    Kilauea, HI - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
    The 30-acre Keahua Arboretum is located in the mountains above Wailua. This quiet refuge includes expansive open lawns with sheltered picnic areas surrounded by mountains and lush forests. The arboretum is divided into two areas by Keahua Stream, which runs through the middle of the arboretum. The bubbling stream features two large swimming holes. Trails follow along the water on both sides of the stream.
    Lihue, HI - Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 0.5

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