Oregon Cycling and Mountain Biking Guide Books

75 Classic Rides Oregon

Author: Jim Moore

Best Bike Rides in the Pacific Northwest

Author: Todd Litman & Suzanne Kort

Best Bike Rides Portland, Oregon

Author: Ayleen Crotty and Lizann Dunegan

Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail

Author: Michael McCoy & Adventure Cycling Assoc.

Bicycling the Pacific Coast

Author: Vicky Spring & Tom Kirkendall

Biking Portland

Author: Owen Wozniak

Mountain Bike! Oregon

Author: Laurie & Chris Leman

Mountain Biking Bend

Author: Scott Rapp

Mountain Biking Oregon

Author: Mark Wigg

Mountain Biking Portland

Author: Scott Rapp

Road Biking Oregon

Author: Lizann Dunegan