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Best Trails Near Saint John NB

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Saint John has 18 trails in the vicinity, including 18 hiking trails and 0 for other activities. These trails range from 0.6 to 15 miles in length. The longest trail in Saint John is Turtle Mountain Trail a well-known trail measuring 15 miles in total length. The most popular trails are Moss Glen Falls, Mount Douglas Bald Trail and Turtle Mountain Trail. member Steve H. recently completed Taylors Island Perimeter Trail.
Best Trails in Saint John 18 Results
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Tracy Falls is almost totally enclosed by sheer granite walls except for a narrow passage ...
Ratcliffe Falls is a roadside waterfall just a short drive east of the city of Saint ...
Encircled by the Irving Oil Refinery , commercial properties, and the Centennial Heights ...
A house at the corner of Route 124 and a country road that blocks drivers’ visibility ...
Trickle Falls, also known as Smith or Webster’s Falls, is a jewel of a site hidden off ...
Part of the allure of a visit to Reddin Falls is the refreshing and invigorating hike ...
Moss Glen Falls, hidden about 100 m (109 yd) up from the Kennebecasis River on Puddington ...
Nail Factory Brook is full of surprises.
East Branch Musquash Falls can be seen as you drive out along the highway.
This branch of the Musquash River is most famous for a flood in 1923 that broke through ...
Goose Creek rambles down from the Nerepis hills toward the Nerepis River Marsh, one of ...
This 880-hectare (2200-acre) park is a retreat from the city; at times the sounds from ...
The trail features the diversity of the Fundy coastline from rugged cliffs to a sandy ...
The park is a donation of the late K.C. Irving to the people of New Brunswick. Opened ...
The trail features access to a bog and to Mud Lake with abundant wildlife. Sphagnum moss ...
The nature trail passes a number of interesting sights, ranging from old apple orchards ...
The main feature of this trail is the beautiful view from the top of the “tortoise-shell” ...
Many woodland wildflowers are found along this rocky trail. Its major feature, however, ...
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