Quebec City, Quebec

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Quebec City, Quebec

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"Perched atop the rocky Cap Diamant (Cape Diamond) and overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Québec City offers families a distinctly different vacation experience. This provincial capital is the only fortified city north of Mexico. From the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries, Québec was vital in the ultimate defense of all of northeastern America. The historic district, Old Québec (Vieux Québec), has been proclaimed a “world heritage treasure” by UNESCO. The French influence dominates in culture, cuisine, and language; at least 95 percent of the population is French-speaking.

It helps to speak the language, although it’s possible to get by without it. Just minutes from the city, your family will find outdoor activities in stunning natural settings. This eTrail is one complete vacation written with families in mind. It’s loaded with exciting things to do, family-friendly places to lodge and dine, recommended side trips, local sources of information, and detailed travel directions."

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"One word best describes Québec City: romantic. Old Québec City looks as if it had been plucked from some charming area in France and gently reassembled on and around an imposing, high-cliffed headland jutting into the powerful Saint Lawrence River.

Québec City is an eminently human habitation of winding streets and venerable buildings that exude more than four centuries of history. Unlike flashy and frenetic Montréal, Québec City is sedate, elegant, and completely secure in its position as the spiritual and political capital of French Canada.

Some 95 percent of its half million people are of French descent. Not many years ago, the city’s elite were mostly of Anglo-Saxon stock, but their number has greatly diminished with the rise of the Québécois and the assertion of their right to be “masters of their own house.” Luckily for the visitor, most of the people who work in the city will try to help you in your own language."

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