Information on Casita Travel Trailers

Information on Casita Travel Trailers
Casita travel trailers are tow-behind RVs used for camping and outdoor excursions. Casita, which began making trailers in 1983, focus on keeping their designs compact and aerodynamic, resulting in a lighter load for travelers. Casita trailers are chockful of amenities. Brand-new basic models start at around $11,000 and are an inexpensive alternative to other larger tow-behind travel trailers.


Casita travel trailers are designed to be compact but utilize every square inch of interior space to make up for it. There are four basic models to choose from; the Patriot at 13 feet, the Spirit Deluxe at 16 and 17 feet, the Freedom Deluxe at 16 and 17 feet and the Liberty Deluxe at 16 and 17 feet. The size range allows for a selection of models that give a buyer a broad range of accessories and amenities. Tires on a Casita travel trailer come with either a 14- or 15-inch rim---providing adequate support and stability for the RV.

Exterior Accessories

All Casita travel trailers are made with fiberglass construction---making them durable and long lasting and resistant to mold and mildew. All come standard with an outside storage compartment for easy access. Sliding windows throughout along with a screen door allow for proper ventilation. There is an exterior door light for safety during nighttime hours. Also standard is an LP (liquid propane) gas tank hookup and tank cover. The locking fresh water fill is a sealed tank that holds clean water to prevent contamination from dirt or sewer.

Interior Accessories

The inside of the Casita trailer comes in two standard design motifs: bluish gray and earth. There is a double bed in all of the models with additional single sleeping areas on the fold-out benches in the dinette area. An optional bunk bed is available in the Spirit models that provides additional sleeping. All models have a refrigerator, kitchen sink and small range, as well as a toilet, small shower and wardrobe closet.

Safety Features

Casita trailers come with an array of safety features that are standard on all models. Smoke and LP gas detectors help keep campers safe. There are also safety chains and an egress window for added protection. A GFI electrical circuit helps trip electrical currents in case there is a sudden power surge, preventing fire and electrical hazards.


Awnings are an option and come in a variety of designs and colors ranging from green to tan. A 16,000-BTU furnace can be added for those who like to travel during winter months. TV shelves, antennas and cable ready outlets are also available in larger models. A water hose with a blowout plug and a water pressure regulator simplify water hookups. Extra electrical outlets are also available to add convenience to outdoor needs for electricity.

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