Key West, Florida Vacation Tips

Key West, Florida Vacation Reviews
The Florida island of Key West offers travelers world-class accommodations, terrific shopping and plenty of options for outdoor activities. The island has a beautiful butterfly house, home to hundreds of species of butterflies from all over the world. There are also kayak and parasailing lessons, and tours offered on Key West. One of the most popular things to do is to take an eco-tour.

Wows and Woes

The eco-tours offered for the uninhabited smaller islands off Key West are a great way to see the animals native to the Keys in their natural habitat. It's also a wonderful way to spend a day in nature and away from the tourists crowding the island's streets. The beaches in Key West are very small and often covered in rocks or pebbles. The best beach on the island is in the Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.


Insider Tips

Rent a bicycle or walk to get around the island. The streets are narrow and very often crowded with locals and tourists. A bicycle allows you to see more of the island and explore it at a leisurely pace. Explore the water surrounding the island by taking a snorkeling tour. Key West is home to a host of tropical fish that can only be seen in nature by snorkeling or scuba diving.

Bottom Line

Key West offers many opportunities for nature lovers to explore. Take guided tours of the water and the outlying uninhabited islands.

Author's Most Memorable Moment

Taking a kayak eco-tour to the outlying islands and observing animals in their natural habitat was wonderful. The trip was very serene and the uninhabited islands gave me a sense of peace. Key West is a very popular destination, and the eco-tour gave me a much needed break from the crowds of the island.


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