A Review of Grand Teton National Park Float Trips

A Review of Grand Teton National Park Float Trips
Solitude Float Trips is one of several companies that offers float trips down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. Solitude Float Trips has two float trips that can be booked, the sunrise float trip and a regular float trip. Each float trip takes the same path, covers the same 10 miles and lasts around two hours. The sunrise trip is only available from mid-June through August. Floats are small, holding only around 12 people for an intimate trip with the tour guide.

Wows and Woes

Once you finish your float trip, you end up at an outdoor restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat. Rafts are small and are overcrowded. The result is you get a lot of attention from the guide and enough room to move around a little. The guide is knowledge and quick at spotting wildlife as you float down the river.


Insider Tips

Dress in light layers of clothing, especially if you do the sunrise float trip, as it starts out a bit chilly but warms up. Don't forget your camera as you will see a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenery. While some wildlife will be close, bring some binoculars for those far-away creatures.

Bottom Line

If you appreciate nature and wildlife, the sunrise float trip is an amazing experience at a reasonable price.

Author's Most Memorable Moment

Our float rounded a corner and suddenly it seemed like we were in an Ansel Adams photograph. It only got better when the guide pointed out a bald eagle and some chicks in a nest. At another turn, we got to see a group of elk grazing by the river. It was a peaceful and amazing experience at the same time.


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