Reviews of Middle Run Natural Area

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4 out of 5
As you ride through the park, you'll appreciate the well-marked and well-maintained trails, as well as the handy wooden footbridges. You can thank New Castle County and a number of private local groups for these. The park system has received a number of awards for the Middle Run Natural Area--and deservedly so. This is a prime example of private and public agencies working together for the preservation of open space. This excellent short ride takes a tour around the Middle Run Natural Area on the Lenape Trail. There are many spur trails that connect with the main trail. Feel free to explore these trails to add riding time. First time users can easily get confused with all the spur trails shooting off from the main trail, but don't worry. It's hard to get lost in the park since all of the trails are well-marked and eventually funnel back to the Lenape Trail. Terrain: Moderate, tight singletrack riding with some short sections of gravel road.


this place has lots of nice smooth single tracks, not technical, but good workout and lots to choose from , easy to get lost, we parked in the fee area...


This is the best trail system I have found in Delaware. I prefer to go out early in the morning to avoid the numerous mountain bikers that call this their home. GPS reception is sporadic and the trail head map is outdated (not even close to reality). My first solo bike outing in this area showed me how easy it was to lose my bearing. Happy biking / hiking.


Very poorly marked. There was the illusion of directional trail markers, but when it counted, such as at a fork, there was seldom a marker to be found. Given that this is part of a large preserve with a lot of divergent trails, it is fairly easy to get lost as I did without proper signage. Otherwise it was a challenging trail, with many hills and narrow trailways to navigate. Some seemed a bit too tight, not to mention the number of obstacles that were too large to ride over, requiring the rider to dismount. Watch out for lots of roots that make for a bumpy and sometimes treacherous ride.


I thought the maps were fine and there was one tech section built by the locals that was fun. there are a lot more trails to ride than the guide gives. i was able to make a nice 15 mile loop ride. the only thing i thougt it lacked was bigger hills to climb/descend.


This is the trail that the local mountain bike club sees at its own. So it is over maintained. "OVER MAINTAINED" you say? Yes, if there is a hill that is too steep or a turn the is too tight, they are hyper about erosion so they take it out and straighten and flatten it out. Racer think it great because there is nothing slowing them down... now they can hit hikers at 20 mph instead of 8 mph. The trails are fun, but not as much fun as they used to be. They are marked and you can get a map from the county, and there are a couple posted, but you can get lost. This is a hot spot for night riding in the late fall.