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4 out of 5
As you ride through the park, you'll appreciate the well-marked and well-maintained trails, as well as the handy wooden footbridges. You can thank New Castle County and a number of private local groups for these. The park system has received a number of awards for the Middle Run Natural Area--and deservedly so. This is a prime example of private and public agencies working together for the preservation of open space. This excellent short ride takes a tour around the Middle Run Natural Area on the Lenape Trail. There are many spur trails that connect with the main trail. Feel free to explore these trails to add riding time. First time users can easily get confused with all the spur trails shooting off from the main trail, but don't worry. It's hard to get lost in the park since all of the trails are well-marked and eventually funnel back to the Lenape Trail. Terrain: Moderate, tight singletrack riding with some short sections of gravel road.

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