La Conner, WA

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Tiny La Conner has more to offer the visitor than many towns ten times its size. Located on Swinomish Channel, it began as a trading post in 1867 and was known then as Swinomish. In 1869, John and Louisa Anne Conner bought the trading post and established a post office. John named the town after his wife by joining her first two initials to their last name. Settlers ditched, diked, and drained thousands of acres of Skagit River delta and adjacent wetlands to create some of the most fertile farmlands in the world. Bumper crops of grain and hay turned La Conner into a thriving shipping center. Fishing, freight, and farming attracted people to the area, until La Conner residents numbered about 1,000 by the early 1900s. The town flourished until the arrival of railroads in the Pacific Northwest. The Great Depression and decline of the fishing industry then further hastened the deterioration of La Conner’s commerce. Although a number of the region’s artists and writers discovered La Conner in the 1940s, the town languished until the mid-1970s. As the oldest settlement in Skagit County, La Conner had many historic commercial buildings and some fine examples of Victorian architecture still intact. When owners began refurbishing the old buildings and setting up new businesses, tourists flocked to the town. Agriculture is still a major industry in the Skagit Valley; in fact, it’s one of La Conner’s greatest attractions. Each spring, nearby fields become the stuff of artists’ and photographers’ dreams, as bulb farmers’ crops of tulips and daffodils bloom, transforming acre upon acre into scenes worthy of canvas and Kodachrome. The charming community is now a year-round attraction and one of the most popular spots in the Northwest. About 75 percent of the businesses are engaged in retail, food, and lodging enterprises. Summers, of course, are bumper-to-bumper busy, but autumn also draws Christmas shoppers to the many interesting and unusual shops. This eTrail includes information on lodging, campgrounds, RV parks, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities near this coastal city.
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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: La Conner
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Season: Year-round
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