Westport, WA

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Since its earliest days, Westport has been a sea town, dependent on the ocean for its livelihood and for its connection with the rest of the world. It is situated on a small peninsula called Point Chehalis (chuh-hay-lis) that juts northward to within 2 miles of Point Brown on the opposite shore. The two points form the jaws of Grays Harbor, a large bay more than 12 miles wide in places and reaching inland more than 15 miles to the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Grays Harbor was named after explorer and fur trader Captain Robert Gray. He crossed the bar and passed Chehalis Point in 1792 aboard his ship Columbia Rediviva, looking for Indians who would trade pelts for trinkets. By the early 1900s, Westport had become an important whaling port. Ironically, vessels still depart the harbor and cross the bar in pursuit of whales that now get hurrahs instead of harpoons, as observers thrill to the sight and nearness of the huge mammals. It’s the smaller but more numerous denizens of the sea, however, that attract the great majority of visitors to Westport each year: salmon, rockfish, lingcod, flounder, halibut, tuna, and shark. Anglers by the thousands converge on Westport each season. And there to serve them is not only the largest fleet of charter boats on the Washington coast, but also an entire city, with its motels and inns, campgrounds and RV parks, restaurants and taverns, delis and markets, tackle shops and cold-storage facilities poised for the purpose of making anglers happy. This eTrail includes information on lodging, campgrounds, RV parks, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities near this coastal city.
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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Westport
Elevation Gain: Minimal
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Season: Year-round
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