Jackson Park

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Jackson Park attracts an outstanding variety of migrating birds in spring and fall, the best times to bird in the park. To date, the park bird list contain a remarkable 196 species of birds. Jackson Park consists of 250 acres of diverse habitat located in downtown Hendersonville. Habitats: Creeks, ponds, bottomland, willow and alder thickets, meadows, mixed pine-hardwood, pines. Key birds: Migration: Black-billed Cuckoo; Philadelphia and Warbling Vireo; Veery; Yellow, Chestnut-sided, Blackburnian, Canada, Hooded, Worm-eating, Connecticut, Mourning, Blue-winged, Black-throated Blue, Blackthroated Green, Golden-winged, Kentucky, Cerulean, and Bay-breasted Warbler; American Redstart; Vesper Sparrow; Rose-breasted Grosbeak; Summer and Scarlet Tanager; Baltimore Oriole.
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Activity Type: Birding
Nearby City: Hendersonville
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Several options
Season: Best in April, May, and September
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