Lake St. Clair

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Short Take: 420 square miles; clear, shallow, weedy reservoir with sandy bottom, heavy shoreline development, several large tributaries. Years ago, the general consensus among anglers tended to be that the farther north one traveled, the less productive the bass fishing became. Today’s fishermen know this simply is not true, and Michigan’s Lake St. Clair is a perfect example. This huge, open-water lake offers superb smallmouth fishing and very good largemouth action, and the fishing appears to be improving each year. Smallmouth topping 6 pounds are caught annually. That’s because zebra mussels, a small bivalve now present throughout the lake, have cleaned the water through their internal feeding/filtering system and thus opened the door to increased vegetation growth. That, in turn, has allowed the forage base of crayfish and spottail minnows to expand, and the bass population has grown accordingly. Primary Species: Smallmouth and largemouth bass.
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Activity Type: Fishing
Nearby City: Detroit
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Season: Best May through October
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