Columbia River

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Short Take: 32,000 acres; rocks, gravel, some hydrilla, river current, clear water, tule banks. In the Pacific Northwest the Columbia River enjoys a reputation as one of the finest smallmouth bass fisheries in the entire region, and it is a well-deserved compliment. The river, which for part of its length forms the border between Washington and Oregon, flows for hundreds of miles but is contained and controlled by a series of dams and pools all along its length. Only one of the pools or “lakes” as they are described on maps, the Wallula Pool (Lake Wallula), is the part of the river described here. The Wallula Pool covers some 32,000 acres and stretches more than 60 miles between the McNary Dam on the lower end and Priest Rapids Dam on the upper end. Fishing options include both gravel and grass flats, island points, underwater shoals, tule-covered banks, and mid-river rock piles. In addition, both the Snake and Yakima Rivers flow into the Columbia in this pool and provide additional opportunities, although bass fishermen seldom venture very far up either waterway. Overall, the water in the pool is fairly clear, generally dictating the use of lighter lines and smaller lures. While both largemouth and smallmouth bass are present, smallmouth dominate. This is primarily because of the current and the generally rocky habitat found throughout the river; smallmouth fishing is really quite productive all the way down the river to the coast. In the Wallula Pool, smallmouth topping 5 pounds are caught regularly, although most are slightly smaller. The largemouths also top 5 pounds and tend to stay in the shallow water closer to the hydrilla or tules. Primary Species: Smallmouth and largemouth bass.
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Activity Type: Fishing
Nearby City: Pasco
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Season: Best April, May, June, September
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