Ross Barnett Reservoir

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Short Take: 30,000 acres; shallow, stumps, vegetation, two primary tributary creeks. Ever since 1966 when Ross Barnett Reservoir filled, anglers have seemingly had a love/hate relationship with the lake. It is an extremely shallow impoundment (the average depth is about five feet), and there are vast areas of stumpy flats, which are generally good for bass fishing. On the other hand, heavy rains will make this lake extremely muddy and very difficult to fish. In the winter months, sudden cold fronts will also affect fishing success on the lake because it is so shallow. Nonetheless, Ross Barnett ranks as a favorite bass fishing spot for many fishermen throughout the South. The Bass Masters Classic world championship was contested here in 1978, and a number of top-level professional fishing events have been conducted on the lake in recent years. Some local anglers who know Ross Barnett well actually prefer to fish when the weather is at its worst because they say it tends to position bass very specifically around stumps and in the pockets of standing timber and thus narrows their search considerably. Primary Species: Largemouth bass.
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Activity Type: Fishing
Nearby City: Jackson
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Season: Best February through June, October, November
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