Antelope (Hart Mountain) Hot Springs

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A high-elevation, primitive hot spring located in the center of the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. Situated near the head of Rock Creek in an aspen-dotted meadow, Antelope Hot Springs is a relaxing soak for up to half a dozen people. The soaking pool is about 5 feet deep and 9 feet by 12 feet across. Hot water averaging 100° F. bubbles gently from the natural sand-and-rock bottom. A small ladder at one end of the pool provides a way to ease yourself into the warm water (be careful—the wooden stairs can be slippery). A small sitting bench next to the surrounding cinder-block walls provides a place for your clothes. The 8-foot-high walls provide privacy and protection from winter winds but also block any view of the surrounding meadows and hills. Fortunately there’s no roof over the hot springs, so it’s a great place for stargazing on a clear night.
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Activity Type: Hot Springs
Nearby City: Plush
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Water Temp: The temperature varies between 99 and 102 F in the soaking pool.
Season: Best in summer and autumn
Local Contacts: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
Local Maps: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Recreational Use Map
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was just a teenager me and my faimly went before I joined the army.My late uncle had been going there since the 60s,he told us about it.when we showed up we were the only ones there.the next day a group called the Antelopes show up and had a 3 day drunk fest.but it was fun and a unreal stars at night.hope to go back soon and show my kids. usally there is not a person to be found.very privite,very rugged services for a long way 4x4 only

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