Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

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A once sleepy Victorian-era hotel and bathhouse that features a regimen of therapeutic hot mineral baths reminiscent of old European spas. The resort had a major renovation in 2013 and opened new guest and conference facilities, along with a magnificent golf course and restaurant/clubhouse.
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Activity Type: Hot Springs
Nearby City: Carson
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Water Temp: 126° F - adjustable
Season: Year-round
Local Contacts: Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, 372 St. Martin’s Springs Rd., Carson, WA 98610; (509) 427-8296;
Local Maps: Washington State Highway Map
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RE: Carson Hot Springs RESORT - it's terrible. The first night we arrived we went for dinner at 8:15 to be told the restaurant had closed early for lack of guests. Upon check-in we were given minimal information. This bore out as a problem the second evening when we went for a soak at 7:10 to learn that the hot springs closes at 7pm. When we questioned this, and why we weren't told about it, the staff said we were or we should have known. We asked how, and pointed out that there are no signs. They pointed to some small print in a handout on the far left of the counter. We mentioned that this seemed like a key thing to tell people upon check-in. The gal shrugged. We asked to speak to someone else. "The front desk manager was the only one who could help us." She was out until Monday. No she is not reachable. We could fill out a feedback form, which they had handy. Nothing could be done during our stay. Since our room wasn't made up we asked about that. We were shown our check-in card in which "some staff person" had marked that we didn't want that service. We had not been asked. The gal shrugged again. We asked for something to offset this situation (free soaks tomorrow, comped night, anything). No, but you can fill out the form. We asked for some toilet paper and left pretty upset. A key employee from another section overheard of the troubles and came to our room with a bottle of wine and let on what we suspected, that things weren't going so well there and in fact some staff hadn't received paychecks in a few weeks or were told not to cash theirs quite yet. The new buildings are unimaginative except for the bathrooms which are nicely appointed. They don't stock kleenex in the rooms to save money. The main building smells of more than age and we concluded we wouldn't want to soak in the springs in there anyway as we'd wonder about the cleanliness.


Besides soaking in the tubs at the hotel, you can hike along a well-maintained trail through the forest behind the hotel. At the end of the parking lot, there's a skinny little trail off to the left. It widens and passes a big rock in just a few yards. Walk down the path. About 20 mins later, you'll have 2 choices. Stay straight and you'll come to a bridge, maintained by the Forest Service, and with a No Trespassing sign. Some people cross here, scale some pretty serious rocks and hike down the river about 5 mins to the natural pools. I prefer to take the switchbacks to the right, which angle steeply down toward the river. Eventually you'll come to an area with ropes which you can hold as you slip and slide down. I then swim the river and end up directly in front of the natural hot springs. In the spring, when it's cold and the river is high, the water really flows fast. In the fall, I can actually walk across the river and it's very refreshing. Either way, this is the most beautiful canyon and a jewel of a soaking spot. Please treasure it. Because it's a bit hard to get to, it's rarely crowded. Be prepared to see eagles. Jump back and forth between the natural pools and the Wind River. There used to be several pools here, but now are just 2. One big one which can seat about 6 people comfortably, and a smaller one for just 2-3.

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