Everett Lake Dam Walk

OutAndBack • 1.5 mi • 0 ft

After a striking view from the dam, you walk on an open dirt road along a popular recreational lake. An exhilarating feature of this site is that at the outset you stand on top of the high dam and get a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding forests. On the right side of the lake lies the irregular shoreline and the tree-and-grass picnic area of Clough State Park, on the left the straight-line, dirt road trail to your destination —a short, wooded point jutting into the lake.
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Activity Type: Walking
Nearby City: Hopkinton
Length: 1.5 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Out-and-back
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Season: Best spring through fall
Local Contacts: Everett Lake Dam
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Easy walk on dirt road. Some good water & woodland views though nothing exceptional

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