Trillium Lake Loop

Loop • 5 mi • 0 ft

Trillium Lake is a classic winter sight, and not something you would expect to find so close to a highway. The wide sweep of the frozen lake surface lends a natural sense of drama that you might think exists only in nature calendars. In fact, Trillium Lake and the view of Mount Hood beyond has been featured prominently on hundreds of picture-postcards, book covers, and, yes, calendars. Once you get there you’ll understand why. The broad expanse of the lake opens the skyline to reveal Oregon’s tallest volcano in all its majesty.
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Activity Type: Snowshoeing
Nearby City: Government Camp
Length: 5 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Moderate
Season: December through March
Trailhead Elevation: 3,800 feet
Top Elevation: 3,800 feet
Local Contacts: Mount Hood National Forest, Zigzag Ranger Station
Local Maps: Green Trails 462, Mount Hood; USGS Mount Hood South; USFS Mount Hood National Forest
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A great trail but it is becoming a tourist attraction. The entry to the loop (down a large hill) is very packed with people trying to down hill ski, snowboard, and sled down the trail. It's becomes very dangerous as many people are out of control. Once you get on the loop it's much better but parking is difficult due to all the sledders. We are going to start looking for other places that are safer and have less sledding/tourist traffic.


I'm writing this three years after I went around the loop. The scenery was great but the snow was very hard packed and all I had were meter long snow shoes that my father had used in Alaska. This was a pretty terrible combination and it was pretty miserable for me. With tiny snow shoes I'm sure it would be quite an enjoyable trek.

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