Glacier Gorge

OutAndBack • 9.6 mi • 0 ft

In my opinion this is the most beautiful spot in Rocky Mountain National Park. Spectacular scenery, beautiful wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful alpine lakes are what you will find on your hike into Glacier Gorge. Bring along a fishing rod and a camera.
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Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Longs Peak
Length: 9.6 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Out-and-back
Skill Level: Moderate to strenuous
Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Season: June to Oct
Other Uses: Dogs not permitted
Local Contacts: Rocky Mountain National Park
Local Maps: Trails Illustrated Rocky Mountain National Park #200
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Loved the trail! Can see why it's so popular. Would definitely go back to explore more.


This trail was simply wonderful. Lots and lots of waterfalls, beautiful creeks/rivers and the mtn. views were amazing. We sat by black lake and ate our lunch and a small herd of elk came meandering down to us, very, very close. It was a little busy at the beginning but as we went on, the crowds dissipated. Enjoy.


Relaxing, Charming, Natural Trail; Enjoyed it very much.


A must do hike! The mountains were beautiful and you won't see anything else like it. The waterfalls were crowded, with steady traffic on the trails. Lots of snow in June - wear layers! Very high elevations to start and you only go up so hydrate plenty.


A spectacular hike. There are several waterfalls and lakes mixed in this hike into the mountains. The first half of the hike is moderate, the second half gets more strenous as you begin to make a significant elevation gain.


This was my very first backpacking experience years ago. I absolutely loved and and have wanted to return ever since. There are some truly breathtaking views up there! It is a really amazing trail.


As a totally blind hicker, i went with a sited guide. this was a easy access trailhead from a parking lot. well maintained trail and easy walking even for a blind person. great sounds and wonderful smells. it took 28 minutes to the falls and 19 minutes back to trailhead. i would recommend it to everyone even persons with site issues. GREAT WALK


The Glacier Gorge Trail was absolutely beautiful. The trail, which we took as far as the falls, was fairly easy and not too lengthy. It was well worth the walk to see the falls and rest alongside the river as we went. The only reason I can't give this trail the highest rating is that the trail was extremely overcrowded. We had to take a shuttle bus to the trailhead from a parking lot. Once on the trail it was difficult to keep our own pace due to an abundance of other hikers. It was also difficult to enjoy the serenity of such a lovely area due to the crowds. I suspect that a weekday hike during the spring or fall would be much less crowded and immensely more enjoyable.


I hiked in late winter on snowshoes! I have a rmnp pass, no too far from home! Loved it!


Could not have asked for a better scenic hike. This trail is absolutely gorgeous. Not to difficult, but early in the season(may)there was still alot of snow in some areas that made the hike more difficult and definitely bot for everyone, but after the melt should be for moderate hiking. This is astounding beauty, and A DEFINITE MUST!!!


Absolutely beautiful. The first part is fairly crowded, but that's because it's easy to enjoy, but once you're past the first set of falls, Alberta Falls, the number of people drops dramatically. Make sure you build some time in for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Mills Lake. Great place for a lunch or snack break! Even though the trail gains elevation, the going is easy, for which this sea-level dweller was grateful.


Nice trip, may be too much people until the Falls. I am always surprised how trails in US are so scenic but not steep; especially this trails could be more efficient in trying to reach Mill Lake. Anyway worth to be visited. Bring kids (lot of ground squirells along the trail) and do not forget a fishing rod for the lake, my son get a trout (small indeed) after few minutes !


Incredible views, changing scenery as the hike progressed. Will be back again this summer!


You can't beat this trail for scenery. The walk up glacier gorge is beautiful, with a great waterfall to check out. Make the hike even better by going up to one of the most scenic lakes in RMNP, Loch Vail.

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