State Bath House

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A free thermal soaking facility managed by the state of Wyoming, featuring indoor and outdoor soaking pools and private individual soaking tubs. State Bath House is a fine introduction to the variety of thermal soaking facilities at Hot Springs State Park and is the only facility in the area that doesn’t charge an admission fee. The facilities are maintained by the state of Wyoming and have trained attendants on hand who ensure that bathers don’t exceed the 15 or 20 minutes allotted for each soak. Suits and towels are available for rent. The glass-enclosed central soaking pool is maintained at 104 degrees F. It is flanked by separate men’s and women’s private soaking areas, each containing four individual tubs as well as lockers that can be rented from the attendants. The outdoor soaking pool is shaded by a canopy and has a view of the travertine deposits of Rainbow Terrace to the north. Developed.
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Activity Type: Hot Springs
Nearby City: Thermopolis
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Water Temp: 104 F in the indoor and outdoor pools; adjustable in the private tubs.
Season: Year-round
Local Contacts: Hot Springs State Park
Local Maps: Wyoming State Highways Map
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