Hunter's Hot Springs

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Formerly the site of the elegant Hotel Dakota, these thermal springs were one of Montana’s major social and recreational centers in the early 1900s. Little remains of the old resort, although the steaming springs still flow through a windswept valley just north of the Yellowstone River. Hunter’s Hot Springs produces one of the largest flows of hot water in Montana. More than 1,300 gallons per minute of 139-degree-F water flows from three principal springs and up to a dozen smaller springs. The springs are scattered over several hundred yards in the rolling foothills south of the site of the old hotel. The hot springs have been used in past years in crude bathhouses, luxurious plunges, drinking water kiosks, and in a bottled water plant, but all of those structures have long since vanished. Some of the thermal water now heats commercial greenhouses.
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Activity Type: Hot Springs
Nearby City: Livingston
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Unspecified
Water Temp: Range of temp from 138 to 168 F.
Season: Spring, summer, and early fall are best for observation.
Local Maps: Montana State Highways Map
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As far as I know this is all private property now and there is no trespassing. It was bought up by folks trying to use it for greenhouses but it didnt' go. So there isn't much there but pretty sure it is closed to the public.

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