L.B. Houston Nature Trail

Loop • 5 mi • 5 ft

This is still my favorite trail. It is an excellent place for a beginner to start finding their dirt-legs. In fact, I probably learned to ride a mountain bike here. I mean really learned about tossing the bike into a turn and finding the edge of that envelope good tires can provide. Someday, if I live long enough, I would like to ride this whole thing without ever touching my brakes. That will take control and confidence. And luck. What we have here is about five miles of very tight single-track along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, a stone’s throw from famous Texas Stadium, home of the five-time Superbowl Champions, the Dallas Cowboys. Situated in a forgotten corner of woods between Dallas and Irving, the armpit of the Metromess. This ain’t exactly the best part of town—not the worst either, but sort of populated by a lot of non–mountain bikers. People come here to fish or drink beer, and just around the corner is another park (with the same name) known as a meeting spot for people who don’t necessarily have the same lifestyle as most folks. If you get my drift. But I still love this place. Dense woods, right on the river in several places, an easy flat trail that is great on a rigid mountain bike or a hybrid. You can bring your kids or pals along who don’t have the skills or conditioning to ride the harder trails in the area. I usually don’t even carry a patch kit or pump here, because you can easily get back to the trailhead if you have a problem—you’re never more than half a mile or so away. As the crow flies, anyway. When you’re back there in the woods you’ll have no idea where you are.
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Activity Type: Mountain Biking
Nearby City: Dallas
Length: 5 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Aerobic difficulty: easy; Technical difficulty: easy.
Season: Year-round, except after rain
Local Contacts: Dallas Parks and Recreation Department
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This is a great, easy, fun ride for beginners. There are some technical parts, but no climbs so it's designed for racing and just having a good time in the woods. Watch the video http://youtu.be/vmU52IHpa0Y?hd=1

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