Big Sycamore Canyon / Point Mugu State Park

Loop • 15.5 mi • 1575 ft

Strength and good bike handling skills are required of cyclists following this 15.5-mile loop. The first 5.6 miles are a gentle ascent on Big sycamore Canyon Trail to Ranch Center Road. The pedaling on Ranch Center Road is moderately difficult for 1.5 miles, and then the road drops rapidly for .8 miles. wood Canyon Trail is picked up at this point and the route continues downhill for two miles to Overlook Trail at Deer Camp Junction. On Overlook Trail you climb very steeply for 1.5 miles and tackle the aptly named Hell Hill. The biking gets easier as you ride around the south side of an unnamed peak. The loop ends with an exhilarating three-mile descent. Scenery includes larger deciduous trees in the canyon, wildflowers in the spring, and open hillsides with pleasant coastal views.
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Activity Type: Mountain Biking
Nearby City: Oxnard
Length: 15.5 total miles
Elevation Gain: 1,575 feet
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Aerobic: Difficult. Technical: Moderately difficult.
Season: Year-round.
Trailhead Elevation: 25 feet
Top Elevation: 1,200 feet
Local Contacts: California Department of Parks and Recreation, Angeles District / Malibu District
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As we made our way up this steep 3 mile ascent, we thought we were finished on numerous sections of our climb. We passed the miller trail and decided to go a bit further, then doubled back and enjoyed the 65 degree mid July wind cooling us . My son in law was flying down the 3 mile descent as I could observe him around the switchbacks. My fron tdisc break went south so the exhiliration for today was tabled until "yet another day" Desire burning quads? This is it.! The ranger told us at the gate that some 1,000 riders attend this beautiful state park daily. FrankNick


Solid ride, very easy until hell hill where things really pick up! Breathtaking views from top of Overlook Pass.

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