Palmer Park

Various • 25 mi • 0 ft

Palmer Park is a mountain biking oasis. This slice of singletrack heaven is surrounded by the entire mass of humanity that is Colorado Springs. If you were going to train an elite force of mountain bikers, you could do the entire program here. Easy rolling trails, rim-wrecking drop-offs, steep climbs over step-like rocks, balance-beam boulders— you name it and Palmer Park has it. Including crowds when the weather is nice. These include hikers, other bikers, and equestrian enthusiasts. Don’t forget to yield to all. Why? Because we are having so much fun that we should be in the mood to share our joy and pull over for the hikers and horseback riders. Besides, if you don’t the powers that be may shut bikers out of this singletrack temple. Be nice so the rest of us can continue to enjoy! Tread: Sweet singletrack. The tread can get soft and sandy during dry spells.
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Activity Type: Mountain Biking
Nearby City: Colorado Springs
Length: 25 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Several options
Skill Level: Aerobically & technically easy, moderate, or strenuous. You choose.
Duration: As much as you can spare.
Local Contacts: Palmer Park
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I love this park, but I wish that some pet owners would pick up the dod-doo.


A most excellent parcel of mountain biking property. Breathtaking views of the mountains are available at almost every turn. An avid cross country rider, I found Palmer Point trail best suited to my tastes, although I did briefly experience the uber-technicality of Templeton, the deep sand of Grandview and the tight turns of Kinnicknick. Trail markings/signage is top notch with the exception of Palmer Point where it intersects with the gravel road connecting to Paseo Rd. Trail skill designations are accurate. I accessed the park from Brenner Place just off Austin Bluffs, very convenient. Bottom line, I agree that this park has to offer just about everything a mountain biker could want all centrally located within civilization.

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