Covered Bridge Cruise

Loop • 12.8 mi • 0 ft

Everyone loves a covered bridge, except truck drivers. Covered bridges make one think of how the landscape looked before cars, before bicycles even, when horse-drawn coaches and ox carts were the means of transpiration. This ride passes through four covered bridges as it parallels the Ashuelot River running south from Swanzey. The first leg of the tour is flat, passing large, undeveloped, trail-laced Pisgah State Park, a mecca for hikers and bikers. The second leg features a difficult 2-mile climb. The third is rolling but mostly downhill. Terrain: a little bit of everything, including long flat stretches, some dirt road, and a 2 mile climb. Traffic/Safety: watch for faster-moving traffic on the second half of the ride, on Routes 119 and 32.
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Activity Type: Road Biking
Nearby City: Swanzey
Length: 12.8 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Intermediate
Local Contacts: New Hampshire Tourism Office 800-FUN-IN-NH
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We road our tandem clockwise on this route to avoid left turns on highways. I recommend you do the same. Your enjoyment of this ride will depend on how much you want to see covered bridges. Nice NH countryside. Elevation gain was 1,800 ft. for the long route but its less than 36 miles unless you ride to all the covered bridges. Another advantage of going clockwise is you'll get better views of the Asheulot R. About half the route has been recently paved but a bridge is currently out so a small detour is necessary onto Very Brook Rd which is unpaved for about 1/2 mile. Traffic is light & sedate except for the short stretches on Hwy 10. Got to love these New England drivers. And the Bridges Inn where we stayed is on the route - no driving needed.

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