Nebo Ridge

Loop • 17 mi • 0 ft

Located just south of Story, which is about 30 miles southwest of Columbus or 20 miles south of Nashville. This is a wonderful trail with plenty of variety. Although there are some demanding climbs, there's nothing overwhelming. There are two sections I really like. One goes through a pine woods. The other is a roller-coaster ride that undulates along firm trail that's banked just right. One note of caution: don't stray from the trail. Though there have been no incidents on the trail or in the forest, adjacent landowners have been openly hostile, even to the point of threatening riders and hikers with guns. The odds of it happening to you on the trail area virtually zero. Even if you get lost, it's unlikely you'll have trouble. Just be aware that such confrontations have occurred in the past. This trail gets lots of use, yet is holding up well. It's a lot of fun for any rider of intermediate ability.
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Activity Type: Mountain Biking
Nearby City: Story
Length: 17 total miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Loop/Lollipop
Skill Level: Aerobic: Moderate. Technical: Moderate.
Season: Year-round, weather permitting.
Local Contacts: Hoosier National Forest, 812-279-3423.
Local Maps: Trails Illustrated map or ROG from the Forest Service.
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I've ridden this trail many times with a group from Columbus. It is a fast, fun trail with big climb to start(we usually start at parking lot just of road to Elkinsville). Riding it at night is even cooler!

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